Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thoughts around the Fireside

Although 29 out of the 30 gardening contracts I have are large commercial ones for communal blocks of flats, the one remaining is for a private garden. This is a nice escape from the manic mowing/hedgetrimming/strimming etc that is mostly the general work at the other sites, as I can do things like prune slowly, feed shrubs and yes...have a bonfire in the winter.....I had the one on the left yesterday and boy was it hot!
I find bonfires wonderful for calming the mind and subsequently reflecting on life and what you should be doing or what problems need solving and how.
The weather forecast for the day wasn't good, but as usual it was wrong and I woke to a fabulous day with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. The days of tea at The Ritz seemed a million miles away as I donned my not so trusty work boots (yes, the ones on the left!), jumper and coat and mounted my trusty steed, ok, hitched up the trailer and got into the van, and set off for work.
A large Buddleia pruned at one property, a honeysuckle removed at another and I was then lighting my fire.

Whilst there is nothing in the garden that I can't fix, our indoor plants however seem another matter. Our poor herb collection is constantly looking like the picture on the left through nothing simpler than lack of water! With the leaf growth lifting up and down like a yoyo you would think it would strengthen them somehow.

A days work done, and the sun still shining, although it was by now bitterly cold, a one minute drive took me to the coast for a hot cup of coffee and a walk along the clifftop. I feel really blessed to live in such a beautiful area of the UK. The view is from Canford Cliffs area across the bay to the Isle of Purbeck, which by the way isn't an island.
Who else like to have a bonfire?


  1. Gary, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Thought I would wander over and visit yours. I have very much enjoyed reading your post. - G

  2. Thanks Gary, glad you liked!