Friday, 19 February 2010

The Working Day

I wake up and my first thoughts are 'is it dull and raining again?' This is because the British weather is not at it's best at the moment and is definitely NOT gardening weather!

I open the blinds and hey presto, a beautiful sunny day again, the heart lifts and so does the bank balance as jobs can get done once more.

In the past I have tended to get straight to work on nothing more than lots of cups of sweet tea but recently Amanda has persuaded me that a good breakfast is much better and so I'm now having nutty cereal with strawberries and blueberries.....why oh why did I wait this long....scrummy AND nutritious! Having de-iced the van windscreen I set off with a lifted heart and fresh drive in my spirit.

First stop is a place called Homelake House, a large block of flats that is always a joy to work at. The manager is always there with good words and a cup of coffee (very, very important to the gardener as we fade away if you don't give us a warm drink!). The residents always have kind and friendly things to say which is also very important because when you spend all of your working life on your own, and often in bad weather, it's very easy to feel negative even in lovely surroundings. The lady in the picture is always smiling and I feel happy every time I come away from her.

The picture above is of a small part of Homelake House. I plant up all the tubs with Pansies and Polyanthus, blew the drive and did general pruning everywhere. What you cant see to the left is THE HEDGE FROM HELL, which is a gigantic laurel hedge that hides the railway line....but more about that when I have to cut it.

Next, a long drive to the next property. The view is from the clifftop between Boscombe and Bournemouth towards Hengistbury Head.

Along the river to go through Christchurch and then arrive at Mudeford Quay for a cup of tea and rest before the next job.

A glorious day at a beautiful spot, just a shame I don't have my fishing rod with me! Lovely pub here as well. The black house on the other side of the water is at the end of Hengistbury Head

After a short break it's a one minute drive to Coastal Cottages, and the next job, a fairly straightforward one of shrub removal ready for re-turfing. The picture below is of a very small part of the estate.

Puff, pant, curse and swear!!

Shrubs out of the ground......

.....and into the trailer!

Having tied off the rubbish, falling off the trailer and ripping my jeans completely up the front showing off my very stylish gardening underwear to the world, it's off to the tip. This is located another half hours drive into the coutryside next to Bournemouth Airport.

This place is like a cross between Thunderdome and The Hills have Eyes. The terrain is hostile and strangely stark, and most of the lorry drivers have webbed feet, play banjos and look like they have meat hooks in their cellars. Add to this all of us gardeners mumbling to ourselves and you have a weird mix!

The clean van is now covered in sticky and foul smelling mud, but the trailer is empty and the days work is done.

Time for tea..................


  1. I really like the picture in your header. The snow covered hills are beautiful.

  2. Hi Jack,
    They are the Cairngorms in Scotland.
    This picture was taken during a two week wild camp/hike.

  3. Hi Dad, Im on here now!! let me know if you can see anything, dont know if ive odne it right xx

  4. Hi Claire,
    Yep, looks like you are up and running girl!