Saturday, 20 February 2010

Pastor Pete & Pam


We had Amandas uncle Pete and auntie Pam come to stay with us for the weekend. Pete is pastor at a church in the town of Ogmore-by-Sea in Wales and a very funny and intelligent man who nearly always has us locked for long periods of time in brilliant conversation about all sorts of things that matter in life. It was through these types of conversation with him that we came to faith some years ago! Everyone was tired on Friday night through travel and work and so decided on a Top Wok take away night. The following morning we headed into Bournemouth for coffee and cupcakes at The Ink Bar just off the square.


Cupcakes........not exactly man food but hey, we all have a feminine side I guess, and after all, I did choose a chocolate one and not a vanilla one with hundreds & thousands on top!
The evening saw us in Harrys Bistro in Canford Cliffs for a lovely meal.
The following morning and we were in church before coming back for a hearty stew, and also the company of my daughter Claire, her husband Dom and son Josh. Pam and Pete had to go back to Wales later that day and so Amanda, me, Claire and family headed off to The Haven Hotel at Sandbanks for coffee and a chat while they had a pre-drive rest.

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