Friday, 26 February 2010

Stomach Bug

We both woke up this morning feeling really tired. We had also planned to go along to our local project for the homeless that along with Chris our pastor, helped to set up a number of years ago but have been unable to help at for the last couple of years. It was really good to see some of the guys again. Mahmood, a Libyan who was an aircraft engineer in his home country who hit hard times over here. Brian, a guy from Manchester. Tony, a man in his 70's who tries to eat with his remaining two teeth. Stefan, always seen walking around Bournemouth with his rucksack...and so many more faces both old and new. The project started as somewhere for a few Big Issue sellers to have a cooked breakfast before they went on the streets and quickly saw 50 plus men and women coming, and on top of the breakfast ( served to them at their tables) a nurse is there for Hep jabs, medical advice etc. Clothing, toiletries and underwear is donated constantly for the guys to have free, housing advice and most importantly of all, company.

Acer palmatum Sango Kaku
in our garden...doesn't look very
coral pink in the photo.
After a brief coffee in the local cafe, we both feel rough with some sort of stomach bug and so head home. It's a gloriously sunny day as I sit here crashed out on one sofa, with Amanda on the other, and both looking out of the patio window at some of our garden. It seems strange that parts of the country are experiencing blizzards at this very moment in time.

A Hydrangea 'Love You Kiss' just budding up by the front door.
I can't wait to see this in full bloom again.

Part of our garden from where I'm sitting.

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