Friday, 26 February 2010

Ahhhh.......R & R.....

It's 00.25am on Friday morning. Amanda is feeling really rough and so has gone to bed poor thing....lots of tea and cuddles in the morning, and so please excuse the fairly quick blog at the mo!
After getting out of bed after a long and leisurely lay in we headed off to Studland for a walk along the beach.
Sandbanks peninsula from Shore Road.....some seriously expensive property there!

Brownsea Island from Shore Road

After catching the Haven chain ferry across Poole Harbour entrance we head along the road to the summer this is a great road for getting up some serious speed on my motorbike....nothing above 30mph of course!

A quick tea/coffee at the dangerously expensive and very cold and inhospitable National Trust Cafe at Middle Beach....

....the view to Old Harry Rocks...

....two riders on Shell Bay, something we must do again!.....

I know it's a Ford Transit van and not an Aston Martin DB9, but visibilities good and the radio works and so there are less cool things to drive!...

The fish restaurant on the harbour side of Poole Harbour as we wait for the ferry back.

The view just as we get on the ferry.

I prepare a nutricious, if somewhat bland ham salad for dinner, with the obligatory cup of tea....very English!

At the same time look out of the window and what do I see.........ugh.....rain.......again!
Night, Night folks!!

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