Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another Day......Another Dollar

I wake up to an overcast, but otherwise dry day and am met by Hobie, one of our cats, looking like roadkill in the fireplace. He's a very lazy cat who, once asleep, is just dead weight that can't be awakened.
First job of the day is a property called Riverside Court. The rear of the property overlooks the Bourne Stream that runs for 2 miles down to Bournemouth. The Picture below is of the rear of the place.

This is a piccie of the front of Riverside Court.

And so, that place pruned, blown and spruced up, it's a nice drive through Bournemouth to Laverstock Court in Southbourne, my latest aquisition. I forgot to take a photo of this place and so you must make do with an aerial photo, it's the grey roofed one in the middle!

That done, with the sun shining, I drive down through Tuckton to Christchurch, a beautiful town with a Priory nearly a thousand years old and some abbey ruins, all next to the river. The road I take goes past the ruins and very english bowling green with colonnial pavilion. the next place, Homechurch House. There is a mystery person here who most weeks when I'm not looking, ties a bag of chocolates to my mower handle when I have to go away to get rid of the rubbish. Another one of those places where everyone generally is lovely and friendly with good things to say. The picture below is of the car park looking towards the side garden.

Below is the rear garden.

Next is another part of the rear garden.

So, the days work done I haed off home. I get to Boscombe and by now, in true British's raining! Below is what Boscombe looks like in that rain.

Hot tea and a wark sofa awaits at home.....and a day off tomorrow............Yippee!!!!!


  1. Gary, If you think about it would you post a picture of you mower. The grass cutting looks great and I want to know your secret :) And as far as your Mystery Chocholates, if I left my mower out the only thing I would find on the handle would be bird droppings (LOL) - G

  2. Thanks Gary, I have 3 Hayter Harrier 48's and a Kazz 52". I havent mowed anywhere since the end of November 2009 as it's been much colder here than previous years but alas the first new grass shoots are beginning to show their heads and so not long until mowing mayhem begins!! I loved the weather forecast stone by the way, and I can think of a few places o use the topiary in the photo.