Tuesday, 23 February 2010

More Rain.............

It's official..........I HAVE NO LIFE!

I have been rained off all day and spent most of it on the computer instead of doing something useful. Isn't it horrible when you get into that state of mind where all you want to do is nothing constuctive at all? Do any of you get like this at times?

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  1. Gary, I have just finished reading your posts for today and enjoyed every line (LOL). Today here is 56F (the highest its been so far this winter) and sunny. BUT !!!! There is still snow on and where the snow has melted is ankle deep mud. I for one would have loved to been able to lay turf... (LOL) And in answer to your question on this last post, Yes. I have been planning work in the garden for 3 months and know I am tired of thinking about and don't even want to mess with it when I does turn nice. Oh I am going to have to shake that feeling, I have to much to do (LOL) This being the last day of my weekend and all I did was read gardening blogs (LOL). Take care keep posting, I enjoy reading about all the work you are able to do, even if it is a rainy day. - G