Monday, 8 March 2010

Another Monday

Not a very busy day. I have been working in Highcliffe again and had planned to work at five places, but was only able to do three as one property hadn't changed at all over the last couple of months due to the cold weather, and I couldn't park up at all at the other because of other traffic. This is really frustrating as I will have to go back during the week and it's a long way to go for one small place....oh well!!

I feel so lucky to be able to do the job that I do, and in such a beautiful area of the UK. Below is the view from across the road from a tiny place that I garden at in Barton-on-Sea.

The view to the right, please note the Tea Rooms in the white building, many a cup of tea in the garden has been enjoyed by Amanda and myself during the working day! Foods excellent as well.

The view to the left towards Hurst Castle and the Isle of Wight.

This is the front garden of the tiny place in Barton-on-Sea. Sometimes you have to take a small place to get a larger one but heck, it's a garden and there are worse places to be I think.

The view towards the cliff top.

I finished work at around 1pm and so headed off home to take the motorbike for it's first proper ride. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as I have to meet with the owner of the residential dementia home previously mentioned, to discuss plans for a sensory garden to be constructed. I will keep you posted about that one.
AArrgg!....... we have just realised that the tickets that we bought to see Riverdance in London are for May 1st.....the same day that my grandson/daughter is due to be born. I guess that another member of the family is going to London instead.


  1. Dear Gary, How lovely to be gardening so close to the sea so often although I imagine that the salt in the air and the wind do not help.

    I do look forward to hearing about the progress of the sensory garden. That sounds a wonderful idea.

    Perhaps you have considered, and rejected, the idea of joining Blotanical, a community of garden bloggers of which I am a member. I suggest this as it might bring you a wider readership which I feel your weblog deserves. Details are easily found if you Google Blotanical. All you have to do is submit your weblog. It is easy and free!

  2. Thanks Edith, I think that I shall give it a go.

  3. Hi Dad, this is the only time you will hear me say this but maybe Bump will be overdue, I am very envious of you being able to see Riverdance. I will do all I possibly can to avoid May 1st, a few days before or after will be fine!! Not long now though!!xxxx

  4. Thats a lovely spot, must be hard to get any work done with a view like that

  5. Mr Stone Art,
    Believe me when I say that on a sunny summer day it can be very tempting indeed to make it the first and last property of the day!

  6. Yes, there are a lot worse places to be working than in the garden!! Love those views from that tiny place.

  7. Do miss those impromptu tea stops!