Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Weekend

The start of the weekend saw us going for a coffee with a guy that we had recently met and as it turns out had something in common with us. Several years ago, in the early stages of setting up a project for the homeless, Amanda, me and our pastor Chris got involved with a woman who was a long term drug user and over several months and many very strange adventures with her to various rehab clinics, got her into one called Gilead. This is a brilliant place right on the edge of Dartmoor. As it happens, the guy that we were meeting for coffee knew this lady as he was there for re-hab also and while there had cleaned himself up and is now going to bible college with a view to doing an MA.....what a small world this can be at times eh? The lady by the way has been leading a steady life for the last few years with her boyfriend and has settled down.
The coffee and chat lasted for quite a while and so after doing some 'stuff' that had to be attended to, we took ourselves off to The Haven Hotel' for lunch, which this time consisted of crisps and drinks.....the same lunch, with our view over Poole Harbour entrance at Sandbanks, is in the picture.

The whole weekend has seen glorious weather and so after church on Sunday, we decided to start some tidying up in our garden ready for any new planting. Amanda, as you can see, is once again having to control the wayward Acanthus.

Just a picture of our Acer Sango Kaku

Hamamelis Orange Beauty

One of our Acacias that has been flowering since just after Christmas....very odd!

After a good afternoons work, it's time for dinner and so we decide to work together on roast pork, with crackling, and a sort of roasted dish using parsnips, smoked bacon, onions and breadcrumbs....all accompanied by home made apple sauce and a rather sweet rose wine.

Bon Appetite!

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  1. Dear Gary, I am filled with admiration at what you say about being involved with, and assisting, those who have been, or indeed are, drug users. This is a very difficult area and those people who suffer this form of illness are in need of all the help they are able to get. I am pleased that the outcome for the two people you mention has been positive.

    The view over Poole Harbour is lovely - less so the lunch (!) but made up for by what looks to have been a really delicious supper. Roast pork and crackling is a real treat.

    I hope that you have a good week with all your gardens.