Wednesday, 24 March 2010


It's funny isn't it, how with just a few short days of good sunshine things spring up and start flowering. All over the place wild violets suddenly start to flower, and small clumps of dwarf daffodils like the one in the picture pop up, even though they were never intentionally planted in some of these places!

On doing the rounds of lawn care on the large property in Mudeford, one kind elderly gentleman invited me to take coffee with him on his patio. As you can see, he has a basket of plants all ready to start livening up his little patch for the summer. As I was sat there soaking up the morning sun, it just struck me as a lovely picture...the seats and table for him and his wife, and things that they had chosen together.

Quite often I drive through a part of the county that is mostly farmland and pass this huge pig farm. It's good to see free range pigs able to roam about and enjoy life in relative comfort, unlike a lot of mass production farms that don't seem to care less how cruelly they treat their animals.

At the place in Mudeford there is another part that has a small brook running alongside it. Often, ducks, egrets and the occasional swan will come up through the gap in the hedge to feed out of your hand.

Altogether the weeks been a bit hit and miss so far as bad weather has moved in, making it tricky to make any real progress. Still, I was recommended to someone from an existing customer and went to visit the site today. All seemed to go extremely well and I will keep you all posted.........TTFN


  1. Yes, spring does amazing things, doesn't it? Your photos are nice...peaceful. My roots are in farmland (my current post is about my family's homestead, actually)where our livestock roams freely, the way it should be. Please do keep us posted!

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    Both sides of my family, the English and German were farmers as well. Thanks for your comments, I will take a look at your blog now I think!