Friday, 2 April 2010


I am once again sat here in the lounge looking out on the rain lashing against the windows and thinking of our local vicar who is about to come and collect my monster size trailer to transport his monster size cross to the local green to recreate The Passion. Although his is not the church that I attend, although it is much nearer, it is a church with an incredible heart to it. Ours is an area of fairly old ex council houses, some of which are still lived in by a very troublesome element. When we first moved into the area it wasn't unusual to see a car burning in the street and have children running through our garden playing hide and seek! The latter, although harmless was nonetheless annoying as it happened frequently and anytime of the day or night, but eventually stopped when 'A' caught one of them and threw him into the street. He had unfortunately been tied up by his mates beforehand and I will not forget the look of terror on his face as 'A' bore down on him!

Over the years, with help from the local constabulary, but more importantly 'The Good Shepherd', our local church, things have quietened down considerably and thus we are now having our first celebration of Easter right in the heart of where the gypsy community live, something that just would never have happened before. It is so important not to lose track of the fact that Easter is not about Easter eggs and eating as much chocolate or food as one can, but about a time of gratitude and thankgiving, of reflection and hope. Let us not just enjoy these few days off without thinking about what the days actually stand for.

Peace to you all.


  1. Dear Gary, In these days of conspicuous consumption and overt materialism it is perhaps good to be reminded of the true meaning of Easter. I send you and your family my warmest wishes for a very happy and peaceful Easter.

  2. Hi Edith,
    Thank you, and to you.

  3. Dear Gary it is such a pleasure to come over here and read this. Today I decided not to write a blog post but to remember the Lamb being laid to the slaughter ........ for me and you and everyone else in this world. He could have said no - but He did it for us..... such unimaginable love.

  4. Hi leavesnbloom,
    The worst thing to happen and the best thing to happen, all in a few days! So much to be thankful for.