Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Sunday saw us at the dedication of the daughter of a couple of friends of ours at our church. A wonderful occasion that marked an important time in all of their lives. In the afternoon both myself and 'A' crashed on the sofa for a while before making a dinner together. This consisted of roast chicken with roasted beetroots,carrots and herbs, and a side dish of dauphinoise potatoes....very yummy! However, has anyone else eaten beetroot in quantity, and if so have you noticed anything strange the following day?....I will leave that one with you!

In the evening we went to see 'A Single Man' starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, at The Poole Lighthouse. A very thought provoking film, and although 'A' gave it a high rating, I found it a little too dark, but that may have just been because of my mood at the time.
The working week has once again been difficult. The weather has generally consisted of very strong winds and heavy rain pretty much most of the time. Although my summer schedule doesn't kick off until next Tuesday, there are still tasks that I was hoping to complete this week but have been unable to. On one of the rare occasions that the sun broke through, I took the picture of the daffodil above because it simply reminded me of how wonderful and complex nature is even in the simplest of things.

Getting back on track, my main task for the week was to try and get lawn food down at as many places as I could, which to put on dry grass before more rain has been virtually impossible, resulting in only two places getting fed. I am presently sat once again in the lounge looking out on torrential rain with the wind howling across the front of the house, having done nothing more constructive than draw up my schedule for April, no mean feat in itself! Apart from a few places getting a token effort at maintenance, I did however manage to get some work done on the compost heap at a private house in Canford Cliffs.

Compost heaps, love them or hate them, they are very useful for adding a bit of humous to the soil. The one above, at the private house, was twice as high and reached out past the Camellia in the foreground. Gradually building up over the last five years it consists mainly of rotted leaves and grass, and so not an ideal combination, but good for mulching over all of the borders to freshen them up and improve water retention.
Hang on a that the feel of warm sun on my face as I write?

Another cup of tea and hopefully if the rain stops long enough for the wind to dry the grass out, I can get some lawn feed down....van suspension is feeling the strain with 3/4 ton of the stuff in the back!......Bye for now!

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  1. Dear Gary, As you are most likely aware, I have spent the last ten days or so on my travels and yes, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! March has certainly gone out like a lion.

    Your Sunday lunch sounds, as always, delicious. I am not surprised that you needed a lie down afterwards. Whatever you say about beetroot, I really do consider it a splendid vegetable when cooked and served hot - so very different from that nasty stuff in vinegar in a jar!