Wednesday, 14 April 2010


What did we do before the invention of the garden shed? Where on earth did all that clutter go?
It seems to me that it doesn't matter how often, and ruthlessly, I tidy up the sheds, things always end up filling them back up again.
And so it was that as I had several sacks of spring lawn feed left in the van, they too had to go into one of the sheds. Firstly though, as is usually the case, said shed had to be sorted first to make room. Out came the obligatory stack of hanging baskets that are always hung on to 'just in case', the spare mower, hedge trimmers, petrol lawn scarifier, bicycles, kayaks (9ft x 5ft shed keep in mind!), numerous hand tools all jumbled in such a mess that one always ends up bashing me somewhere painful...and so it went on through bottle, containers and tool boxes etc. Amongst all of this was a sack of daffodil bulbs that I had completely forgotten about and which had decided to not wait for me in their dark tomb, but to make a break for it and start to grow where they lay....hmmm.....what to do with them now?

On the kayaks can be seen 'A's' gardening boots and (yes, very late I know) Cornus 'Midwinter Fire' prunings.

We have two cats, 'Hobie', whom you have already met in a previous post, and 'Misty', his sister.
'Hobie' tends to be a very lazy cat who basks in the warmth of the sun most of the time and to defend our home from other cats merely gets up somewhere high and tries to look menacing in a petrified manner, pretty useless really! 'Misty' does much the same but is unfortunately a super efficient bird killer. Before the arrival of these two we only had a crazy white persian called 'Blanche' who was no trouble and the bird population thrived so much that feeders were placed all over to accomodate them. Now we have the strategically hung and cat proof one in the picture where for the first time Blue Tits have come to feed. A bit later on the House Martin flock will be descending on the local households as well to nest in the eaves, maybe some pictures later.

Daffodil 'Golden Ducat', one of my favourites!

One of our pots of Tulips, I just love these before they open fully.

The Dicentra spectabilis is coming on nicely.

The Sophora microphylla always produces gorgeous yellow blooms in abundance.
Lots more to show from the garden but have to keep something for later!


  1. Dear Gary, What is it with men and sheds? I find, increasingly, and a little to my annoyance, that J will disappear into the Alpine House, where many of the tools are kept, for what seems to me to be an eternity. If I had a proper shed, then I should never see him.

    I am sorry not to have seen a picture of Misty but delighted to see one of the blue tit. It is so good to have wildlife in the garden.

    Your white tulips in the blue pot look most elegant. Could they by any chance be 'Spring Green'? April is such a yellow month as is vividly shown by your Sophora, a shrub completely unknown to me.

  2. My shed hasn't recovered from winter. I keep all my potted succulents in there in the winter and it's been a total mess since I pulled them out. Too much going on gardening-wise to clean it up but I think the time is drawing near.

    I love your white tulips and the blue tit. As much as I love cats and birds, I've never figured out a way to make it work together. Fortunately my cats are indoor ones now, so that helps.

    Happy spring!