Thursday, 15 April 2010

This weeks work so far

Well what a wonderful, sunny and productive week it's been so far! I haven't a great deal to say at this point as work has dominated pretty much everything (normal for this time of year really!). The only downer is that I broke my nose today whilst mowing. Not an easy thing to do in most peoples books I know, but one of the many hazards waiting whilst performing a limbo dance with the mower under an overhanging climbing rose. That darn clutch lever has a powerful spring on it and my hand just slipped off and POW.....blood!
Anyway, enough of that, here are a few pictures of just some of the places that I gardened at today.


  1. Dear Gary, I had to read and reread your posting to work out how you managed to break your nose with a lawnmower. It must be so painful and I am really distressed for you. Your pictures then went on to show acres of grass and I could not help but wonder how you managed to deal with all those lawns, and indeed to produce perfect, parallel stripes, whilst suffering. I do hope that the pain is easing and that your breathing is not affected too much.

  2. "OUCH" Gary, as great as the lawn and gardens look that you care for I always thought you really throw yourself in to your work but not actually "throw" yourself "into" it. Hoping all is ok and that you don't have any lingering side effects from the run in. Take care. - G