Monday, 31 May 2010

Ahhhh.....Bank holiday Monday!

Decided to have a pretty laid back day today with a bit of home gardening thrown in.
Had a very lazy getting up session that involved very strenuous stretching and yawning, then downstairs for the usual morning coffee and a read of The Times. A little bit later A got up as well and we both headed for the local nursery to buy some fungicide as we have noticed some mildew on the Acanthus mollis. Again, very hard work choosing the fungicide and so a sit down with a latte was needed for a while. As usual, we both got into conversation and the few minutes turned to a very nice hour. Then off home again to start the day after first having a very nice lunch of bacon, scrambled egg, mushrooms and tomato.

We staked the Phlox, Chrysanthemum maximum, Paeony 'Bowl of Beauty', Lychnis chalcedonica, Echinops humilis and Ligularia stenocephala Przwalskii. Then it was decided to sink the terracotta pots of Dahlias two thirds into the ground, instead of planting them completely, so that we could move them a bit more into the open as things continue to grow. Planted the new Salvia superba and Euryops (our previous one was spectacular but succumbed to the cold winter).
A few left over Begonia Non-Stop were put into some remaining pots and dotted about, and the tomato plants had their side shoots nipped out. Everything was then watered and only the necessaries sprayed with insecticide/fungicide.

Just a couple of pictures of parts of the garden


  1. Gary, sounds like you guys had a most wonderful day. And your garden is truly a lovely sight to behold. - G

  2. Your garden is lovely, love pebble paths. Fun day you had too, Gina

  3. Thanks guys, it was a really nice day.