Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rainy Tuesday

Complain?.....Me? Heck I like to think that I am a reasonable man. My gardening business is about gardening, and I like to think that on most occasions and not a millionaires budget, I can make most things grow given the right conditions.
Why can't the British Meteorological Office get it right at forecasting weather at least more often than they don't? Yesterday, a gloriously sunny day, had their weather prediction for today (and this was up until late last night!), as a little cloudy with some sunshine for the Bournemouth area, this being symbolised by a little cloud with the sun peeking out from behind it.
This morning however, as I sit here drinking tea, I mull over all those people that said it was going to rain today, to which I replied rather stupidly, 'That's not what the Met Office forecast is!', as I continued to plan my weeks work. And so, looking out on the garden this morning as at first the grey cloud thickened, and then the torrential rain for the day starts, I check the Met Office forecast for today and yes....black cloud with LOTS of rain......have they simply put their heads out of the window, pulled them back in soaking wet, and altered their forecast? Where are all my £s going in this multi million pound organisation that we all love to rely on soooo much? Needless to say, what with the Monday being a day off, and now it would appear not much will get done today, my weeks schedule is so 'up the spout' that......well..........better stop and regain some karma and centre my Chi I think... Talk later.
P.S......Please note, on the right, the forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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  1. This gives you a day to do all those things around the house that you have been putting off. Looks like the rest of your week is fine, cross our fingers for you...weather is everything in your business, plus good health. Good luck ! Gina