Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Catch Up

Well I really didn't know where to start with this catch up. It has been a while since I last posted what with the birth of grandaughter E. Everything went a bit on the back burner because of this new treasure, and consequently work stopped for a while and so business has been manic to say the least because of this and new contracts etc, but that and other daily life stuff is for another post. For now I just thought that I would update everyone on our own garden.
I loaded in all of the photos that I wanted to use, and whilst drinking my first coffee of the day I noticed the blue sky, and the sun shining on this Acer in the corner of the garden and just feel so thankful for all that I have been blessed with. Just had to share the Acer with you and so stuck it on as well!

Our garden has been incredibly slow in some areas this year, and I suppose so have we! And so it was decided last weekend that it was time to get things moving. I think that our plant 'staff'' already growing in the garden have become a bit complacent and have chosen to take a rest this year and not grow so fast, and so a few new introductions were needed to make them feel as though they had a bit of competition and had to buck up a bit.

And so it was that we headed off to the nursery for some plants and put them in the van. Coreopsis, Osteospermum, various Echevaria and Sempervivum, a blue Polemonium, two Lewisias, and some Lobelia Cardinalis to build up the clump in the border that seems to have suffered over winter. Finally, last but by no means least........my new Tibouchina.

WELCOME to your new home my little beauty.

I know that some of you probably grow these like weeds in your lush, sub-tropical gardens, but here in blighty, unless you have a heated glasshouse to over winter them, they only last outside for the summer and then they are a gonner because central heating in the house is just too dry. We used to have one and although it was overwintered in the glasshouse we unfortunately lost it, and so not having seen one for a few years, and coming across a dozen or so on a trolley ready for going out on display, I nabbed one!....I'm still recovering from the cost though!

The Cordon is doing well this year. Only put it in last spring and nothing much happened. Hopefully this year will produce the seven foot monster it's supposed to be as it's in a prominent place in the front garden.

I had to clear a border for a customer so that a new scheme of plants could be used that were more suitable in design that had previously been planted by someone else, and so I inherited a half dozen really good Dahlia tubers. These will produce giant show plants and so I have started them off in pots to see how they do in this first year at our house. Looking good so far, if like everything else, a little slow for May!

The Physalis in this pot have had no special treatment over the winter, except from that special ingredient.....total neglect...........looks like being a good year this time, with hopefully a good crop of fruit.

As for our little planter that this year has a few Tomatoes, Peppers, Aubergines and Courgettes, fronted with a sprinkling of Nasturtiums, things are really slow. They are all growing but boy could they do with a kick up the Jacksie!!

Finally, the Fothergilla has been the best this year. It usually does us proud but this year it has been weighed down with blooms.......nice one Fothy.......bring it on!!
And so it is that after three coffees I now set off for the days work ahead. There is a song in my heart, and definitely a spring in my step with all that caffeine.
Bye for now!


  1. Blue sky and sun shining on an acer - one of my favorite sites! Especially when viewed with a cup of coffee in hand and thoughts of a new precious grandchild.

  2. Hi Ginny,
    You've hit the nail on the head!