Friday, 14 May 2010

The week so far

It's Friday morning, 7.15am, pleasant enough outside and my second cup of tea before work.
I have that strange feeling that happens when it becomes apparent that this will be one of the rare weeks when I finish on schedule. Nineteen properties to attend to this week....and no rain, grandaughters being born, strange last minute requests that involve a half day trip to the nursery, just plain old work. Most weeks something crops up that takes my Saturday away, but this time....WHAYHAY!!.....Saturday off and I finally get to go to Kew Gardens with A, but tell you about that when we've been!
Spring is now here for certain and that means hedge cutting time begins.
These few pictures are of the small group of thirty or so cottages in Mudeford that it has been my pleasure to look after since they were built roughly twelve years ago. The initial planting done by the 'landscapers', and I use that term as thinly as I can, was unimaginative to say the least and so over the years each of the front gardens are being made a little bit more interesting and individual. The one above belongs to Mr & Mrs H, who's Buxus are ready for a trim in a couple of weeks along with the others.

Before and after photos of one of the hedges on the same the end of the week the old arm muscles ache....a lot!

Another low edging hedge at the other end of the estate, please note my favourite piece of kit, the Stihl HL100 hedge trimmer....priceless!

Just a small part of this property in Christchurch that was next on the list. Loads of grass cutting and a reminder of the hedges to come that are here. This one wraps around three side of the place and is just high enough to kill the arms! The Cherry trees will get a serious prune in another month as they overhang too much now.
There have been lots of other lawns, hedges etc, but I don't want to send you all to sleep just yet.....more stuff to come!


  1. Gary, I don't think you have to worry about anyone going to sleep with your posts. Now I have been known to bump my forehead on the screen looking at some to the detail of your work though... Everything is looking great. - G

  2. Thanks Gary,
    I would still rather have your place though. I can just imagine a warm sunny evening there in the woods with a coffee.......and a hammock!