Thursday, 8 July 2010

Keep the Mother-in-Law locked up?

Now , I am not one to laugh at someone elses expence (not often anyway), but a couple of days ago I was in the middle of mowing a lawn when on checking the phone, I noticed a missed call from A. Phonecalls during the working day are usually an emergency of some kind and so I called her back. I was answered by A, who sounded frustrated, panicky and anxious. Apparently, the door of my mother-in-laws bedroom had slammed shut in the wind so hard that on closing, the mechanism broke and the door could not be opened! I hear some men out there already saying 'so what's the problem?' Well, tempting as it was to keep her locked up, something had to be done, but unfortunately, being about 30 miles away, it wasn't going to be me who did it. Firstly, she tried taking the door handle off and turning the workings with a spanner...not a chance! Then it was to the ladders so that she could at least pass through some fluids to her stricken mother.....only I had locked them up and the padlock is of the VERY large type that has a security bar that has to be withdrawn and needs more strength than she had, and on doing so dropped her mobile phone (that contains all important phone numbers (note to self...make paper copy of phone numbers!), and so she was unable to use them, or her phone to call for help.
And so it was that the computer age came to the rescue, and Facebook was logged on to and a rescue alert put out. As you can imagine, there were lots of sniggers and jokey quips, but who should respond with the promise of immediate assistance with his tool box.........our Pastor.......divine intervention or what.......yet another way in which he has helped to save someone! As it happens, he was at home because a locksmith was replacing the locks on his and some neighbouring houses due to some recent break ins, and so came with a few professional tips. I am happy to say that the door is now open, the lock removed until further notice, and the mother-in-law free.......Hoorah!!


  1. You were only 30 minutes away and you did not drive back and help ? Hmmmm, you would have scored big brownie points with your wife and her mom if you had, that's a fussing at you ( from me ), all the way over here in South Carolina, USA. No excuses mister gardener.

  2. Hi Gina,
    Have a heart, 30 miles, not minutes, and in my van with a trailer on through town traffic it takes an hour and a half. Sounds like some pathetic excuses I suppose, I think I will keep quiet! lol