Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Plant hunt

The last couple of days have been blisteringly hot. The grass everywhere is now so dry that in places it crunches underfoot. Despite this, I have still been asked to create a new border and plant it up......madness, I hear some of you say?.......quite right, but the customer is insistant and assures me that things will get watered (at this point keep in mind that earlier, I had planted around 200 bedding plants in a central display. that despite me doing what I can once a week, are now the size of egg cups and dry to a frazzle!)
Still, it is with a determined heart that at the end of yesterdays work, I set of for Marchants Trade Nursery on my way home to find a few of the plants that I needed. Five Sedums and three different varieties of Azalea.

Hmmmm.......not here.......some nice varieties of Heuchera though!

Not over there....more Heuchera, some grasses and Phormiums.

A stroll down to one of the open beds and.......nope.

Maybe the herbaceous sections, given that Sedum after all are such.....

A walk to another bit and they were spied in the distance and put to one Azaleas.

Nope.......this is the disadvantage of not pre-ordering for collection. But I always like to select my own plants and have a bit of a nose around for stuff myself.

Cordylines and Fuschias....but no Azaleas.......there are thousands here somewhere, just got to find them.

More Fuschias.........saw a few nice new varieties here that I wouldn't mind for my own garden, but come on Gary...........stay focussed!

Fatsia and Fern houses.......carries on walking.......

As it turned out, the Azaleas were right back where I started, just not in an area that I had been, and so here they are tucked up in the van and ready to go.
Not a very exciting post, but just another day out gardening.
Sat here now at 7am on Wednesday morning and there is heavy cloud and a chill breeze in the air, I hope the rain holds off until tonight....will let you know.


  1. Must be hard having to garden against your better instincts for awkward customers. Still the sedums might cope with planting now and it is cooler today

    Looks like a good garden centre - thanks for the tour. I'm looking for a Phygelius - and found it - top right!!


  2. Gary, What is that saying? "the customer is always right". Well I just hope all the time and energy you will be putting into this project is not a waste. You will have to leave a little sign so the customer see's it ..."Water Me, OFTEN"... I personally really enjoyed the tour of the nursery. - G