Friday, 27 August 2010


After the coffee break in M&S yesterday, I had to spend some time in the office getting all of the bills ready as they need to go out around the 25th of each month. Along with these went all of the reminders for the unpaid ones as well! Now it's just a matter of waiting to see what sort of reponse I get. As you can see, it's not such a bad spot to work in my shack at the end of the garden, and with Carol King playing through the speakers it's almost tempting to find some extra work to do.

Don't worry, Amanda is studying back up at the house and gets cranky if she's disturbed, so this is where I retreat to sometimes when the need arises!

Today has been a much better day weather wise. Although the gardens are really messy after all the stormy weather, the grass is starting to look like it cares again and is getting nice and green everywhere.

It's been a long, warm day and by the end I feel knackered on my drive home, but during this I notice a very ambitious moggy on a rooftop. On stopping the van I can see that there appears to be a house martins nest in the roof of the house and the mum and dad bird are very bravely flying in and out under the eaves to get to the young. The cat, having to steady itself from falling can only look on and dribble for the feast that it's too cowardly to try to grab.....thank goodness!

Only a short post today as tiredness is closing in. Just to add though, we had tickets to go and see an open air production of 'Pride and Prejudice' at Athelhampton House this evening, but both of us are just too tired to go, and so we have passed the tickets to Amandas dad and his wife at the last minute, giving them just over an hour to grab food, champers, chairs and a rug, and to drive the distance before the curtain went up. It was great to see how excited they both were at this sudden and unexpected treat, and at least they would have been awake enough to enjoy it properly! TTFN & Goodnight fellow bloggers.


  1. A moggy and a dribble , grab food and champers ? I feel like I am studying your language , or trying to interpret what you write . So very nice to pass the tickets along, very nice. Like your circular bricks, take care.

  2. Dear Gary, I can well understand how tired you must get looking after so many gardens, the owners of which I can well imagine can be quite demanding, particularly when poor weather has prevented your following your normal schedule. Still, your office does look a very pleasant place in which to work and prepare the all important bills.

    I am so sorry you missed the production of 'Pride and Prejudice' but am sure that your parents-in-law will have enjoyed it. Have a restful weekend.