Sunday, 29 August 2010


Yesterday,was a GOOD day. We got to church after a few weeks out. Spent three hours in Soho coffee shop just talking about everything from plans and objectives for 2011 to how we could save the world. Had a lovely light dinner of pork lightly fried in butter and garlic with onions and mushrooms on a bed of watercress, and then saw 'Out of Africa' in the evening. Why is it that films that Amanda chooses always end with me in tears? I've gotta go and do the things that men do to gain some self respect now!
Anyway, I digress from the topic in hand.
When we first met, I mentioned to Amanda that one thing that I had always wanted was a treasure chest, and lo and behold, that Christmas one appeared under the tree, and empty....yahay! Now all I had to do was collect the things to put in it.
I know that some of you may think it a strange hobby, but being somewhat magpie like, I like to pick up things that I consider interesting or just nice to look at.

Over the last fifteen years I have gathered amongst other things a silver and amethyst bracelet from a car boot sale for £6, another silver bracelet from Egypt, opal and gold from Australia, glass crystals from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, marble from Volterra, a shell box full of tiny cowries that we have picked off the beach over years on shell bay, a locket made by a first world war soldier in the trenches which has a beautiful and intricately arranged lock of his 'girls' hair inside, and a general assortment of other things and jewellery, some valuable and others just nice to look at. There is real gold, silver and diamonds, as well as paste costume jewellery....I'm not fussy.

This is a beautiful miniature silver and mother of pearl fish knife, once again picked up at a car boot sale for a snip!

And a single deep ruby red earing, only paste and not worth anything, but I was drawn to the depth of red not really visible after the flash of the camera has blasted it.

A tiny bible with the wording in incredibly small print. This is about an inch high and has a mother of pearl inlay on the front...once again the flash strikes again!

The silver egyptian bracelet.

A tiny solid silver crucifix. In the centre, if you hold it up to the light and look through the tiny glass window, one can see the entire Lords Prayer.....amazing as again the whole thing is only about an inch high.

I have picked up a number of brooches, this one is a favourite even though it's only pewter, but the centre is lapiz lazuli, again not very valuable but lapiz is a stone that I love for it's rich blueness.

One of my most treaured possessions is my grandfathers Iron Cross. On the reverse is the date 1914. I could keep it in a box in a drawer for protection, or mount it in a frame for all to see. I don't know if it's right or not to keep it in my chest, but I consider it my most valuable 'treasure' and as such is always there for me to see privately every time I enter the bedroom.
I hope you all liked my quick tour of my hobby. It's now 7am on Monday morning, the sun is shining, the lawnmower is calling, and so I had better go and get some work done.
Take care all of you........TTFN


  1. Dear Gary, What an absolutely magical posting. I love the idea of your Treasure Chest and, fifteen years on, it is clearly filled with no end of interesting and beautiful items, each one with its own story to tell. As for the Iron Cross, that is something very special indeed.

    The locket dating from the 1914-1918 War reminds me of a ring I have of brass and gun metal, inscribed 'Ypres', and made from one of the guns used in that battle.

    I do hope that you will reveal more of your treasures - the chest is clearly packed - in due course for this is all absolutely fascinating.

    I do hope that it stays fine for the lawn mowing!

  2. Gary, I agree with Edith Hope - I love the idea of your treasure chest. Some of your treasures remind me of the 18k gold monogrammed watch, dated 1918, that belonged to my grandmother. My mother passed it on to me and at one time I wore it on a chain around my neck. Then a burglar broke into our house and stole all of my jewelry - on a day that I was wearing the watch. So I was afraid of losing it after that and put it in the safety deposit box at the bank. That's a shame isn't it? Now I want a treasure chest and to take my chances on another burglary.

  3. Good heavens, 3 hours talking to your wife in a coffee shop ( does any man really do that ? ), and a fabulous , very fun treasure chest. I have no idea which one is more fascinating . Really great post.