Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monday & Tuesday

Due to a couple of days of rain last week, I had to do the horrible thing and work on Saturday. But worse than that, I had to work on the bank holiday Monday as well! I usually hate doing this because not only is it a bad day for motivation, as everyone else is out resting and enjoying themselves, but also because of that, everywhere I visit is sooo peaceful and quiet. That is until 'machinery man' turns up and starts mowing and strimming. Still, Monday was a gloriously sunny day and I set off with optimism and a bit of a caffiene kick in my step.

To make things a little better I hadn't planned a schedule, but simply went to the places that I felt like doing as the mood took me. The first was the cottage estate in Mudeford.
Crikey, was it quiet here or what! Nevertheless, I gunned up the mower and set about my work. As usual, after about the first half hour I had reach the part of the garden that John's house backs onto. A very proud and upright man who is retired now, but used to work on the road gangs building motorways. Every single time I am here he is ready with a cup of tea and some biscuits, and on this occasion they were Jammy Dodgers!
This is a man who from the type of work he used to do, appreciates the importance of the morning cuppa.

As I move around the estate, I like to take pictures of anything that catches my eye, or just a scene that is pleasing. Faces occasionally appear at windows with a smile, as they look upon their paparazzi gardener doing his camera thing again before his continues with his work.

The new turf is greeing up again after being hammered by the dry spell.

Bill & Mary, a wonderful couple who live a little bit further along on the estate. I've been going about two hours by now and once again they are sitting at their garden table waiting for me to join them for coffee and a chat. Such a lovely couple, and also such a nice spot to sit and relax that it was difficult to get started again.

A quick tidy up of the front of their place and then onwards and upwards to get the rest completed.

I probably photograph them far too much, but I just love Rowans, don't you? Especially at this point where the berries are at their deepest colour.

After lunch it was back to Branksome and a couple of large properties that are also quite simple to look after. After doing all of the usual regular jobs, I was asked to raise the canopy of these beech trees. Very glad to do this when it rains they touch the grass and it's not pleasant to take the mower through them. I don't know if it's the same in the USA, but over here most trees have a preservation order (known in the trade as a TPO) on them and as such any work had to get permission from the local authority. The permission for this had finally been granted and so off they came! The picture above is 'before'.

...........and after.

This is yet another angle of our garden that I couldn't resist as we are now getting that early morning autumn mist and chill......love it!


  1. Dear Gary, How very disappointing to have had to work over the Bank Holiday weekend but I can well understand the reason why. In the event you seem to have put a good face on it and, with numerous tea and coffee breaks, it appears not to have been too bad a day!

  2. No complaining , you had your days off in the rain earlier in the week...and then you get to go out and be a social butterfly with the clients that adore you. Don't feel sorry for you a bit , plus you're probably planning a romantic film and drinks with beautiful Amanda evening...so chin up .It appears your ministry is being a pleasant contact to your clients , so very nice for them. Paparazzi-social-butterfly landscaper man should be a logo on your truck. Keep up the excellent friendliness.

  3. Hi Edith,
    It was a shame to have to work the bank holiday, but as Gina has pointed out, I suppose I did get a couple of days off last week in lieu of it. AND I do meet some lovely people, AND get to drink tea with them, AND it was a beautiful sunny day.

  4. Hi Gina,
    Lolol.....I don't know if my van would fit that amount of description! Very funny indeed and thank you very much. Believe it or not, I do consider myself very lucky, even if I feel a bit ratty at times....well...lot's of times!

    Take care

  5. Hi Gary - the Paparazzi gardener - what a great name! No wonder the clients think you are special. You seem to meet some lovely people. And by the way, love that shot of the mowed lawn and tree shadows


  6. Hi Laura,
    Yep!.....I think that name may stick!
    Don't get me wrong, there are some...let's say...tricky people as well....but most are really nice.

  7. Gary, looks like such a wonderful place to work...nice people and beautiful surroundings...not too shabby, my friend!

  8. Hi Dad, reading your posts have now made me finally start blogging again!!Have done 2 new ones today Hope you are having a lovely time. Much love to the both of you xx