Friday, 19 November 2010

Alloted Space

 I think that the worst of the leaf fall is over with, although there does appear to still be a couple of weeks worth hanging in some types of tree, particularly oaks, which are always the last to leave the show.
This is a garden that I look after for a really lovely couple. They travel a lot for pleasure, and as his work allows him to take it with him, they are quite literally only ever here for a couple of months a year. A very strange feeling sometimes, as during the summer and around Christmas time, it feels a very lonely place that should have people enjoying it. Also very odd when having to maintain it weekly when there is nobody to enjoy the space. Still, the plants are there to keep me company, and I them, and they reward me with growing rather well and lifting my heart when I open the gate to the garden each week.

 A few things have gone on over the last week, and I shall update a bit more over the weekend, but for now we have just become number one on the allotment list and have chosen the best one available.
Plot 7a.

 Not the best plot out of the 54 on the site as you can see. A lot of clearing to do, trees will eradicate any afternoon sun when in leaf, but it is fairly open, soil is good and has been left standing for a year, and only £18.00 a year to rent.And it comes with a shed and a grassy patch that will become our 'let's take the weight of our feet and have a cup of tea' space. The area is rather dodgy too, being surrounded by an estate of gypsies and pikeys, it has suffered in the past with theft of crops and tools, but hey, times change and so do people, and so we are hopeful. Work is still too full on to start clearing yet, and so will probably just remove the big stuff and spray off with weed killer for now, and tackle the tough stuff after Christmas. I might even mow our tea space as well!


  1. Dear Gary, As if you have not enough work to comes the allotment. Knowing your superhuman approach to all things horticultural, it will be licked into shape in no time...perhaps!!

  2. Hi Edith,
    I think the jury is going to be out on that one for a while....we will have to see.

  3. Gary,
    An allotment, how wonderful and I can wait to follow along with its progress. While I have read several blogs and other web posting about allotments this is the first time I have been on board from the start and am looking forward to your posting about what all you are doing in it. I am very taking with the shed and may have to copy it and build one for myself. Fall is barely started and now you have me longing for spring (lol). - G

  4. Hi Gary,
    We are both looking forward to becoming 'allotmenteers'. They appear to be a rather strange breed. Very protective of the set up there. They have a committee, an AGM, toilets on site and an office (albeit a metal storage unit usually used for storing heavy machinery on building sites!). Should be fun!

  5. Hi Gary - like Edith I wonder how you and Amanda will have the time for an allotment but with your greenfingers am sure you can knock that plot into shape before long. With the tree shade, have you planned what to grow?

    p.s. the shed will be cosy in the bad weather and a great coffee stop between gardening