Monday, 15 November 2010

Storm Damage

And still there are plenty of leaves everywhere, although there is now the occasional property where, due to the storms over the last couple of weeks, trees have now been successfully defoliated, there are still plenty of places where they are still coming down with a vengeance. It is now Tuesday morning, six thirty, and still dark outside, although the rising sun is showing what looks like being a gloriously clear sky coming. Three very big ones today, reports of a fallen tree from one, whilst the other two I know will involve major clearing up. Had a phone call from an agent yesterday to quote for the maintenance of a superb, very prestigious property in Canford Cliffs, but there will be competition for that one so fingers crossed, and will keep you posted.

Anyway, the last few days, and starting with Saturday. This as I have mentioned is a work day, and yes, work meant shifting more flipping leaves!

From dawn until dusk, until the trailer was full to the brim.
Not very exciting I know, but such is the line of work at this time of year, and there is now what appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Just another couple of weeks should see the worst over completely.

Sunday, and we finally made it to our church for the mornings service. Great to see some of our friends there again, and also a very good sermon. I'm not going to go into details now, it would take too long, but it certainly struck home with me and has made me do some serious thinking.
After that, it was home for a light salad lunch, and then back to Westbourne, and settle into the Soho Bar for the afternoon. Amanda had lots of coursework to do, and as there are very comfy sofa areas here, coffee, beer and cake on permanent supply, and all the daily newspapers, it can be a perfect place to do work in Amandas case, and to catch up on the news and sink a couple of beers in mine. Finally left there at seven o'clock!

Yesterday, a fabulous lay in bed until eight thirty, and then it was off to Hordle, near Lymington, where Amanda had to see a man about a dog, and then it was lunchtime, and so a drive into the heart of the New Forest and The Queens Head pub. I had a delicious giant mixed grill that included steak, gammon, sausage, chicken, tomato, breaded onion rings and fries. Amanda was far more civilised and had the venison and pheasant stew, all very nice indeed. We didn't have pudding as whilst in Lymington we had purchased a walnut jap and a piece of chocolate tiffin, both to be had later at home with a cup of hot chocolate.
Altogether not a bad couple of days. Back to reality now though I guess and so another cup of tea, some printing to do, and then off to work.


  1. You can really move the leaves with that thing. Good luck on the job bid.

  2. Dear Gary, The leaf blower/ small child eater is really being made to earn its keep at the moment. I am sure that you must be exhausted with the relentless leaf clearing and you certainly do deserve your treats. However, the Soho Bar from noon to night does seem a very long siesta. Do the owners think that you are taking up residence there?!!

    Good luck with the new bid. For your sanity I hope that there is not too much hedging, grass cutting or deciduous trees. Just a little light pruning would be perfect!

  3. I couldn't tell if that film was in fast motion or you work very fast. I do believe you work fast. I thought if someone could hike up that blower on my back, the only thing that would be blowing around would be birds in the air as I would fall flat on my back and not be able to get back up or turn it off or anything.I would have to be rescued from a giant leaf blower. Now I see why you can consume so much food, you work like a crazy man out there ! I'm exhausted just watching you. Go get something else to eat...and write about what impacted you at church last Sunday.take care,Gina

  4. I really do enjoy reading about your day Gary, although it makes me feel worn out just thinking about all the work you do.

    Good luck in that competition! Sharon