Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Influence me, mould me, matter to me or tempt me.

Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight, well behaved children, having my back scratched, ginger however it comes, pumpernickel, the sound of the forest at night, cats, antique markets, Amanda’s smile, real Christmas trees, sauerkraut, windy walks on the beach, hot tubs, malt whisky, cold custard with a thick skin, fast motorbike riding, Handel’s ‘Messiah’ (who doesn’t get stirred to their socks by this piece?), Hummus, live ballet, snow crunching underfoot, Camille Pissarro paintings, bread & butter pudding, intimate conversation with no time limit, rain on a tent, warm Rioja, the colour purple, glace cherries, Valentino Rossi, walking barefoot on grass, crisp Yorkshire pudding, Bach cello concertos, Dartmoor, the feel of a good suit, fennel, trimming Yews, horse riding, Italy, colourful sunsets, Peroni beer, my late father, the wind in the trees, roast dinners with gravy, Baroque music, boiled marrow with lots of white pepper, the buzz in The Royal Opera House before the curtain lifts, mowing good grass, cinnamon toast, body boarding in a very rough sea, mulled wine, the feel of plants in my hands, close family, Lindt chocolate, walking along mountain tracks, the comfort of my long black winter coat on a cold day or night, cooking fatty lamb on a campfire late at night in the forest, the smell of fresh coffee and also newly baked bread, talking for hours with Amanda, Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, grated cucumber with milk and sprinkled with pepper & salt, flying the kite on the beach at St.Davids, live music and a pint of ‘Doom Bar’ at The Blue Peter in Polperro, having my back massaged, the scent of Jo Malone ‘Orange Blossom’ perfume and Chanel No.5, watching a hawk fly, lemon cheesecake, intelligent & courteous women, Florence Paris & Rome, rustic bread, driving with either Moby’s ‘Extreme Ways’ or Gun’s ‘n Roses ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ at full volume, the number 16, opera singing at Covent Garden market, take-off in a plane wherever it is going, Borghese Gallery, falling asleep on warm sand, Edinburgh terrace gardens, kayaking, smell of creosote or methylated spirits, fireworks, cheetahs, stew and dumplings, the feel of a trees bark on the palm of my hand, friendly old ladies, Psalm 23, fry ups with properly cooked eggs & sweet tea, Kalmia latifolia ‘Ostbo Red’, smell of cut grass or old furniture, respecting other people, collecting cowries on Shell Bay, peace of mind.


  1. What a wonderful post! I hope you're enjoying a glorious holiday season!

  2. What a wonderful list. It makes me want to meet you, perhaps whilst bobbing around in kayaks or hugging tree at Westonbirt. Even your strange pleasure in Turkish Delight fails to repulse me ;-)

  3. I love your list! I found many similar "loves" to yours, including purple, Lindt chocolate, watching a hawk fly (also love seeing ducks and geese fly), the smell of freshly baked bread, tree bark, the smell of creosote (one of the best fragrances of growing up in the desert, that and the citrus blossoms every spring), good conversation with no time limit. Oh, and cinnamon toast! Great list! Merry Christmas to you and Amanda!

  4. I share so many of the things on your list,not least the colour purple.
    Do you know the poem 'Morning Worship' by Mark Van Doren? It is a list of things that are loved. I chose it for my mother's funeral and it ends,
    "Stop, lie still
    you will never be done."