Saturday, 11 December 2010

It's Coooooooooooolllldd!

You can tell that Christmas is almost upon us. Work is slowing right down now, with very little to do in the gardens as leaves are pretty much finished, and the ground is rock hard.

Our Pyracantha hedge has looked very strange with it's frost covering, and these Silver Birches were quite magical.

Not sure what has been up with the old body this week. Breathlessness (and I mean taking a breather half way up a flight of twelve stairs kind of breathlessness), palpitations, giddiness. I had rheumatic fever when I was young, and this has left me with a heart valve flapping about with about as much gusto as a butterfly wing, but I prefer not to think that this is the problem. The problem, I am convinced, is caused by a couple of days digging in icy weather and giving me a bit of a wheezy chest....onwards & upwards eh?

A little light pruning and hoeing has been managed throughout the gardens, and the last of the snow heaps have been cleared.

Not much to do really at the moment but wait.........................................

................for Spring, and her warming sun to bring everything ONCE AGAIN back to life!

Oh well, another day, another dollar. I've left Amanda to do some studying in Soho's, I have managed to plant up a small border, the day is done, and so here is Soho's beckoning me as that a pint of Peroni I see waiting on the table for me?

Exciting stuff this weekend, but more about that when it's done.....TTFN!


  1. Dear Gary, Gosh you must have been working tremendously hard to have these gardens looking so wonderfully neat and tidy. You are a miracle worker!!

    I am so sorry that you are rather under the weather and hope that you will be able to enjoy a long and very well deserved break over Christmas and the New Year.

  2. Hey Gary, I would take that breathlessness to the doctor ASAP, as if it is not usual for you ,or if you have had the valve need to get it looked at. Even the fittest of the fit, need to see the doc with that. I've seen enough docs in the last 5 months to pay for someone's home by now, and I thought I was in great shape. take care , Gina

  3. I agree about consulting the doctor! On another note, beautiful photos...and how spotlessly clean your gardens look!

  4. Gary,
    OK, the saying is “Physician heal thy self…”, there is no mention of Gardener in this saying, SO go see your Doctor. And yes it may just be as you say “a wheezy chest” but let the Doctor tell you that. OK, that’s my little fuss. Hoping you are feeling much better know.

    Everything is looking great, and the ice/frost makes it look magical. - G

  5. Dear Gary, hope you've taken all the advice above and had a short trip to the doctor for the all clear.
    Waiting to see the images of your weekend in Bath - the weather was kind for you!