Tuesday, 22 November 2011


After all of the leaves have finally come down, this is just about my favourite time of year.
Hedges have stopped growing, the grass has slowed right down, weeds don't really make an effort, and all that is left is the occasional bit of pruning and tidying up. It feels like putting the gardens to bed for the winter, although work doesn't stop altogether.

This means that we can finally get to work clearing the rubbish from our own garden, and putting a bit of the yin back with the yang. It's now possible to stop on my journey to and from work, and look more closely at places that I would normally have to drive straight past because of time restraints. The pictures above and below are of a graveyard that stands completely on it's own, no church, and amongst fields and next to the river Avon.

It's beautifully simple, and wonderfully peaceful here.
I love cold and foggy days too. After either a long, hot and draining summer, or as has been the case recently, heavy rain for far, far too long, I find that cold and fog add a sort of quietness and stillness to the air that's quite healing to the soul.

I was at this place yesterday. Beyond the fence is a drop down into the sea, and the noise of the waves while you work is again a good sound for the soul. I had to cut the grass here, albeit on a high setting because of the time of year. To the left, out of sight in the picture, were hundreds of new puffballs growing. Quite a bizarre sight, and I made sure that I went around every single one. I don't care if the owners mind, they were far too special to kill.

The only trouble is, that with coming downstairs and facing a morning with a sky like this, it's hard not to take the day off for yourself, so that you can go and enjoy what nature has to offer some more.

The picture at the beginning is a scan I made of the leaf colour still around in our own garden.
Thanks for passing through.

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  1. I agree about the cold, Gary. I long for cold after this dragging-on, mild autumn.
    My honeysuckle is still flowering, but I must chop it back today.