Monday, 14 November 2011

Roll On December

November is a pretty grotty month at the best of times. Leaves are coming down by the skipload, it mostly rains, and to make things even tougher, the wind even seems to be worse. It's also a time when all of the extra planting schemes should be well under way, and so, as you can imagine, logistically it is a nightmare.
And to cap this particular November, my eldest daughter Claire was taken pretty quickly into Poole Hospital to have her appendix taken out.

Earlier in the year I told you all about a new place to my list at Sandbanks. The lovely couple who have just bought this wonderful house have always had us as their gardeners, and whenever they have moved, have taken us with them.

This is a brand new house, and they want the garden relandscaping as usual. We have been given total freedom regarding what we do and how we do it, and also a free budget, and so quite an exciting prospect. It is however a very modern house style, and the garden is quite small, and so this has to be kept in mind, and maybe the hanging gardens of babylon will have to wait.

 The area above now has a small hexagonal shed.

 And Pyracantha 'Orange Glow' has been planted along the rear fence. I've had to leave a gap in these as you can see, because the large Eucalyptus is hopefully going to get the go ahead to come down. Also, the rather strange trimmed Pittosporum and Phormium 'thingy' in the foreground is coming out and being turfed over.

 The aim for the back is to have only planting around the perimeter, thus making the garden as usable as possible. Form and colour is to be obtained by using specially designed modern clusters of pots on the rear decking, but I will show that when it's done.

To the left of the summerhouse, large overgrown laurels have now been reduced, and more Pyracantha planted. The laurels will be reduced further next year, when some growth has sprouted from the bases. And that was the work at this place last week.

 Also last week, a drainage problem had to be sorted out at another property, and so early one morning a ten inch deep trench was dug, and filled with 10mm shingle. That should do the trick!

 Meanwhile, at the cottage estate in Mudeford, the second area has now been cleared, this time ready for planting an edging of Buxus. There are two remaing, much larger areas to clear and replant. One of these I have Thursday booked out for. and will take some pics then, whilst the other is on hold now until some old willows are removed.

 Of course, while the extra jobs are carried out, normal routine maintenance still has to happen. When I was leaf blowing this place in Branksome, Mr Fox came out as usual, to see what all the fuss was about. There have been a family of foxes at this place for at least the twelve years that I have been coming. Some have died, some have been killed, one was lame for many winter months and sadly disappeared. Pups are born and the family continues. Even though they are by now very used to humans, nobody in the area interrupts their life cycle by feeding them, although when particularly ill ones show, then the odd sandwich is thrown their way to help them recover. This fellow was having an early morning drink from a pool of water on the drain cover.

While us humans have to make do with being 'thrown' a cappuccino and home made chocolate and pistachio muffin.......times are hard.

See you again.


  1. Dear Gary, I hope that the operation has gone well for your daughter. Our elder daughter had a burst appendix as a child and I can recall the pain that she suffered and the very slow return to health. I hope that things are much better for your girl.
    A free hand in Sandbanks sounds pretty good to me! I shall watch progress with interest.

  2. I would freak out and also be terribly excited to see a fox roaming about. Take care !

  3. Hope your daughter is recovering well.