Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Carmen del Cobertizo

It's being a long and hard work year, and despite some delightful times out and away throughout, our minds and bodies became frazzled, as you have no doubt come to realise whilst reading this years posts. I was going to do a general post about our stay in Granada, but found so much there that I have decided to break it down into a few seperate posts, starting with the most important, about a place that will stay in our hearts forever.
Some months ago we had booked ourselves into the Carmen del Cobertizo in Granada, as it appeared to be just what we were looking for this time around. Rest and relaxation were the order of the day, with plenty of time spent at the house with a good book or two. We set off to the airport late on Sunday afternoon, and took a flight that arrived in Malaga at around nine thirty in the evening. A short connecting rail journey then took us to our overnight hotel, whereupon the following morning we caught our bus to Granada. Another fifteen minute taxi ride and we arrived, although because of the ancient Albaycin district we were staying in, we had to be dropped off a short walk away next to the river Darro, as cars cannot get along some of the narrow, steep, and more than often stepped paths. It was very hot indeed, and a short climb up some steps and we were in a rather unassuming alleyway. A huge and old dark wooden door faced us, and we gave the rope at the side a tug.
The house get's it's name 'Cobertizo' from the room that connects it to the next building, and this is now one of the five or six bedrooms in the house. The 'Carmen del Cobertizo' was built in the 16th century, and has been in the same family as the owner Lorena ever since.

Almost as soon as the bell was rung, the door opened and we were met by Lorena herself, and her assistant Eva. Both immediately made us feel incredibly welcome, and warmly invited us in.

Our bags were dropped almost immediately, as we took in the beauty and peace of this place. On entering through a dark and cool outer hall, we then walked straight into the salon, where no noise other than the fountain could be heard. It's a very large house, indeed it was actually built as a palace originally, and apart from the few guest that stay, is home to several members of staff, all of whom have the same air of peace and order about them.
We were told that we had a choice of two rooms, the cobertizo itself, or a suite with a rooftop terrace and lounge. It was a difficult decision, but we chose the suite at the top because we planned on staying at the house for quite long periods of time to soak up it's wonderful atmosphere. We were led up the first flight of stairs, and noticed immediately how this place was filled with personal things belonging to the family. Antiques, photographs and items given or collected by various members over the years really gave meaning to what Lorena had first said to us, 'My home is your home', and we felt that she truly meant it.
The first floor circled the central salon area, and one could also relax here among the plumped and cosy settees in a lounge area.

 A secret stairway then led off to our floor, all tiled in old terracotta tiles.
Our lounge area was the first part we entered, and it was here that on particularly hot days I would sometimes settle with my book or a magazine. In front of me are a row of shuttered windows looking out onto the roof terrace.

Our bedroom was beautiful, and felt very old and Spanish. The bathroom adjoining was stunning, and fitted out with most things in marble.

Once unpacked, we strolled out onto the terrace and were immediately taken in by the view, looking directly up at the Alhambra Palace. The view over the wall on the left looks straight down to the garden.

And it was here in the garden that we spent most of our time, when not visiting the Alhambra or strolling through the Albaycin. Set on three fairly small areas, it's a very beautiful and restful place to while away the time.
The lower area is the coolest, even though in the middle of the day it can still get rather hot. Lot's of time was spent in the two cushioned chairs to the left in the background, with a book.

Every way you turned there was something lovely to look at, and needless to say, our cameras rarely stopped clicking.

The old arab plunge pool in the highest part of the garden offered a fantastic place to sit with ones feet in the water, a cool drink in the hand, and pleasant conversation.

It also gave some very lovely views of the garden.

And on very hot days was simply 'the best' place to immerse and cool off.........

.......before settling in the shade to once again read.

The salon from the first floor terrace

Although not at first obvious, it soon becomes very apparent that there are a large number and variety of plants in the garden. Bourgainvillea 'showing off' against a bright white wall.

Campsis, Grapes, Colocasia in large pots that filled one shady corner, Petunias and Portulaca, Marigolds and a Lime tree, Parthenocissus and Lavender, White Roses with a sweet scent, a huge Phoenix and Cycads. We were in our element!

 Even a Clivia was fighting for some attention.



It was exactly what we were looking for, this wonderful and tranquil house, with it's warm and attentive owners and staff. Thank you Lorena, Eva and Merche, you are very special people.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hello Gary:
    How wonderful all of this looks to be. A simply perfect place to rest and relax after such a trying gardening year. It really does look like a piece of paradise. The interior has obviously been decorated with style and taste with an obviously careful attention to detail. How lovely to be welcomed as 'family' rather than visitors. It does make all the difference.

    And the garden looks so lush in its planting, a beautiful spot in which to enjoy a good book or two. It must have been incredibly difficult to leave, but then, one can always return!

  2. Hi Jane & Lance,
    It was indeed wonderful, and we shall return.

  3. What a wonderful place, somewhere to put on my wish list. How did you find it?

  4. Hi Rosemary,
    It won't disappoint, believe me. I just typed in something like 'really nice places in Granada', but don't quote me on that!

  5. What a wonderful place to stay. Loved it from the old rope bell. Thank you for sharing. The video sounds soothing. Very nice indeed.

    1. Hi Sherlock
      It was just what we needed. Between that and the Alhambra gardens, I may just move there!

  6. Too wonderful and charming. The oil paintings on the walls make it perfect. Very lucky couple you both are!

  7. Gina, believe me when I say that we never forget it.The paintings were lovely.

  8. Ah. .love the photos. .what a great place to relax!!

  9. Definitely one to add to the list. Only thing is, my husband is very reluctant to go to Spain because neither of us speaks Spanish. I'm working on persuading him. He also likes lots of shade when it's hot, so this beautiful garden looks ideal.