Saturday, 29 September 2012

Images Of Granada

Having shared with you some stuff about the lovely place that we stayed in while in Granada, it's now time for a little of what we experienced whilst walking about. I hope you enjoy the quiet stroll as much as we did.

Alhambra Palace
Fan shop

An evening wedding

House entrance

Troubled souls artwork

Divine inspiration

Glorious sunset

Albaycin house

Evening singing at San Mirador
My wife

Layla and husband


Relaxed dining
View accompanying our first meal
River darro
Ancient door
Classical guitarist
Granada Cathedral
Hand Pan
Peaceful painting
Spanish lady
Layla dancing with a young lady
I hope you enjoyed the walk, thanks for dropping by. 


  1. Enjoyed the photographs, wonderful trip for you two!

  2. I can FEEL the ambiance and atmosphere of the streets and your trip. .Glad you enjoyed it, and hoping you have more photos to share!

  3. What an enchanting place. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  4. Such a rich experience - you'll be feeding off these memories all winter.