Saturday, 16 February 2013

St. Davids - Part 1

Amandas arm appears to be mending well, although it will take at least another four to five weeks until it is fully fixed. She was also hit by a bug, which has all in all made her feel pretty rough. My shoulder seems worse, making my thumb feel strange and kind of severed, which is kind of tricky given that my left hand has been weakened a lot over the years from various hedge trimmer accidents. We are not happy bunnies!
We have downed tools and come to our bolt hole in St. Davids for a few days. Around a mile north of the town, it's situated close enough to the cliff walk to head off and watch the grey seals that thrive here. Whitesands Bay is a five minute journey, but more importantly, this place is remote, silent, peaceful and beautiful.
Amanda is enjoying continuing with her studying while here, I am expanding my knowledge of Venetian glass. We always bring backgammon, good whisky, and lots of books.

We arrived late in the afternoon as it's a long drive to get here, and so didn't venture out once settled in. The log stove was lit, dinner prepared, and the Shiraz uncorked.

The bed is sumptuous, and reminiscent of one that Bilbo Baggins might use. Just one room, with a small bathroom off the entrance hall. The log stove burns all night to give a warm and cosy glow.

With the curtains drawn, the daylight didn't enter at all, and we slept solidly for twelve hours!
I arose first, and to some quiet classical music, made fresh coffee, with thick slices of fresh bread and strawberry jam. While Amanda rests a little more, I am sitting here quietly and happily blogging a little, looking at this early morning view. Classic fm is on the radio, with Alan Titchmarsh talking about snowdrops, and then playing a beautiful piece of music by Albinoni. Take time out from what you are doing and listen to some by this composer. Can you see Travel Ted sat opposite me? He comes everywhere with us. We found him buried in a shop many years ago and he looked so sad, and so we took care of him. We shall head off to Whitesands Bay shortly for a windy walk along the beach. I'm  also going to post quite often while we are here for this short time.

Oh, and it's our wedding anniversary today.
Catch you later today.


  1. This sounds absolutely perfect. The plaster cast and Alan Titchbog excepted...Am I the only person to find him an annoying, preening, opinionated, fat waste of space?
    Have a good break.
    You need a couple of young folk and want to adopt a supervisory roll.
    Have a good time.

  2. Happy Anniversary! So good that you got away. You two certainly deserve a little peace right now. I do hope you both feel fit again soon. I spotted Ted right away.

  3. Delightful and homely
    Just as it should be
    Congrats too...
    Your misses is a pretty lass by the way

  4. Adrian, you are not alone in the opinion, to a degree. He is a proper gardener with hands that show it, but he does annoy me. Monty there is a gardener to admire. Still trying to figure out how to make the financial transition to taking on a couple of guys.

  5. Hi Sherlock,
    Thanks, it is needed, but is going so fast. Ted has travelled with us to most places, and has a rucksack that he takes with him for postcards and bit that he picks up like shells and flowers. He is quite the horder!

  6. Hi there John,
    Opposit ends of Wales for now eh? Thanks for the wishes, and Amanda beamed when I passed on your comment about her!

  7. Happy Anniversary to the most romantic couple around!

  8. Looks very relaxing, hope you two mend well.