Sunday, 17 February 2013

St. Davids - Part 2

Yesterday we parked up as usual at Whitesands Bay. Since being together we have been many times, and on some occasions even spent the week sleeping on a mattress in the back of the van. A breathtaking place, and quite something to wake up to when the rear doors were swung open before even getting out of bed.
It promised to be a fabulous day.

We spent the whole day walking, drinking tea and doing what we love....talking and taking pictures.

There are some really unusual rock formations along this wild bit of coastline.

And we often went our seperate ways to indulge ourselves.

Our anniversary lunch was wonderful. I broke my vegetarianism and had a bacon sandwich, Amanda had a slice of chocolate tiffin. Two mugs of tea and a bottle of champagne finished off the spread.

It was bitterly cold despite the sunshine.

But sooo peaceful. The sunsets here are really quite something, and rarely disappoint. People build up in a line like paparazzi, cameras on tripods, just for this time of day.
This little fellow was running around on an adventure of his own. The lady who he belonged to was called Wendy, and she had secretly been taking pictures of the two of us together and has offered to hook up with us in a week or so to let us have copies of them.....sneaky!

The sun set quickly, and the temperature dropped significantly. It was time to head back for some dinner.

This morning is bright and sunny, and we are off to Solva first, and the world of Raul Speek.
See you all later.


  1. Belated Happy Anniversary greetings. It looks like you had a lovely celebration.


  2. Hi Lorraine, and thanks, it's a lovely place that keeps us coming back.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You were obviously a romantic couple on the beach that you attracted a photographer! Your bolt hole looks lovely.

  4. Great place! Love the photo of you taking a photo and the message in the sand. We've had a fellow explorer take photos of us out together. Nice to see how one looks to others. I'll bet she saw you two and thought, How many shells did Ted collect?

  5. Thanks Linda, it's one of the few places where we really switch off. Wendy the photographer was lovely, and we are looking forward to catching up with her when both of us finishes our hols.

  6. Hi herlock,
    It is a special place to us. As for Ted and his rucksack, it's anybodys guess how many shells he has in there. Last time we checked he had all sorts, including stones, ears of corn and some foreign money!

  7. You are both very lucky, and especially so since you seem to enjoy talking with each other and being together so much. I don't believe you guys realize what a blessing that is for your marriage. Beach art was romantic and made her smile, I am sure.