Monday, 18 February 2013

St. Davids - Part 3

After a very leisurely breakfast we arrived at Solva. A small estuary village only a five minute drive from St. Davids, it's the start of either some spectacular coastal walks, or on this occasion a hunt for a new glass and catch up with the gallery of a favourite Cuban artist.
Raul Speeks gallery has been a place we have visited since we met, and have one of his pieces in our lounge (the photo in the sidebar entitled 'Peace'). He fled Cuba earlier in his life for the usual reasons, and eventually set up his gallery here. Later he met the lady of his life here, Heather Bennett, an accomplished photographer with some beautiful work on display here also.
As for finding a glass for my collection, I did come across quite an extraordinary little antique shop with a huge display case containing what must have been several hundred glasses, but unfortunately most of the classic clear glass Georgian variety, and a little 'heavy' in their appearence to compliment the sort that I collect. We did however buy a stained glass you do......and I will maybe show that at some point in the future when it's in situ.
St. Davids Cathedral beckoned, but not the inside on this occasion. After a light lunch in a funky cafe we headed to the ruins of the Bishops Palace next door.

 Taking up more floor space than the cathedral itself, as with most similar buildings of this time, it conjures up images of just how powerful the individual bishops and such like were all of those years ago. The cathedral itself gives this small village city status, which is rather odd.
The palace is a place for young boys, with tunnels and turrets to explore.

Unfortunately Amanda had to stay closer to ground level, as her arm is still healing and we couldn't risk a slip.

And so I did the noble thing and explored for her, facing death at every turn, but bravely going on.

Time flew by, and we eventually headed back to the bay, and the wind was blasting, and the surf was up. On this occasion I wasn't joining the surfers, as not only were we here for a more restful time, but the wet suits etc were left at home.

 We strolled, took photos, collected different coloured quartz, laughed at the antics of the dogs being tired out....and drank tea and ate tiffin.

Finally climbing a nearby cliff rather gingerly, to settle down for some shots along the bay.

 Truly awesome! I wish I had packed the wet suit.
It was icy cold, and eventually all of the people, dogs, and on occasion horses, had become too wet and cold to hang around any longer. The sun was setting once again, and this time on a stormy sea. The islands further out looked so lonely and desolate.

We headed back, lit the stove, and prepared dinner while Ted rested his tired body. Throughout the night the wind pummelled our little cottage, but all was warm and safe inside.
Where to tomorrow?



  1. Thanks for letting us come along with you on this cold, wet little excursion. So glad Amanda is able to be out and about.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Glad you had a good weekend....I'm happier that you posted this as i missed yesterdays instalment.
    It is a wonderful place to relax and take photographs.

  3. What fun to explore the bishop's palace. Such photographic places you visit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You've got some amazing shots! I love the sun setting over the waves. Beautiful! I like that little mossy tunnel. I would definitely be exploring all the nooks and crannies. Very nice weekend for of wonderful exploration!!

  5. WOW! WHat a great fun day!! Love those narrow little twisty stairs of stone!! THanks for the tour!