Friday, 28 June 2013

Cyril The Squirrel

I bought another bird feeder the other day, the sort with suckers attached so that it can be fixed to the window. I was a bit apprehensive about whether the birds it attracts would fly into the window, but the blue tits and sparrows that use it appear to be able to handle it well enough without killing themselves. It's filled daily with nuts, some crushed up for convenience, and some whole.
Recently we have been getting a squirrel come to the garden, which, given the location of our house is quite unusual. Along with the pigeons and blackbirds, he scoured the ground for scraps, which was fine by us because given that Hobie and Misty are always on the prowl, it means that small birds stay up on the high feeders and don't get taken out. It didn't take Cyril long to discover the window feeder, and the fact that if he climbed the Paulonia in the corner, and highwired along one of it's branched until it bent just enough, he could make a death defying grab and leap to the food. Every morning for the past week he takes the challenge, and rewards us with some hilarious antics.
We have since discovered that Cyril is in fact a girl, so I hope she doesn't end up too mentally damaged with a guy's name.


  1. They can be a damn nuisance but they also provide much entertainment.

  2. I'm glad that you are both enjoying your squirrel. We have been plagued by them for years, eating bulbs, stripping bark, eating nuts, to name but a few off their antics. We have a squirrel trap and have in the past transported them several miles in the back of the car before releasing them in woodland. Sometimes we've had the feeling that the same ones leg it back home in the night! They can strip a mature walnut tree!

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    They only seem a problem at work, for the reasons you mention. Not sure if we shall live to regret Cyril, but we are having fun for the time being. Pigeons and starlings are a problem though.

  4. Hi Sherlock,
    We've had many laughs so far, particularly when she spins precariously on the branch.

  5. I love squirrels. .They are so funny. .but as I understand, also a nuisance. .We live in the country and don't see squirrels here. .unless they are hightailing it from one town to the next!