Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Scorcher!

The last couple of weeks has seen the weather improve somewhat, and we have sunshine and blistering heat. As I'm sat here early in the morning, with my first cuppa, looking out of the window at grey sky, it's hard to imagine that like the other days, the cloud will lift and blue skies follow. I suppose it's an inbuilt mistrust of the met office. I don't know if it's the oppressive heat generally, but people in most aspects of my life have been far more problematic than usual as well, causing all sorts of headaches and angst. Work being a large area of my waking day, there have been more than a fair share of difficulties here in particular, culminating in me not concentrating while using the hand blower next to a road (thinking about a previous difficult person at the time!), swinging my arm a little too far, and taking the wing mirror off a passing car, perhaps driving a little too close maybe. Did the lady driver pull over gently to one side and exchange pleasantries until the matter was resolved, no, she slammed her brakes on, stopped in the middle of the road, and stormed around to the aforementioned mirror with bloodlust in her eyes. As I made my way towards her I was comforted by the words of a gentleman passing by who said 'Shit, rather you than me mate!', and at that point I would rather him than me. There was no eye contact during the next five minutes, and I started with what I thought was an appropriate gesture. 'I am so sorry, is it broken off, or have the clips just pinged', and it then became obvious that 'sorry' was the wrong word to use. She did go eventually, speeding off with my phone number and an offer to cover any costs, and fire in her eyes.
This was just one of many tricky situations, that always seem to come at me from other people.
Working in the heat has been tough too, with twelve hour days, six days a week. The Sandbanks house is now finished, and a last ditch onslaught with the help of family saw the laying of 26 tons of ornamental pebbles to complete the task. It was so hot on the day in the picture below, where said family are taking a half time breather and water break.

We won't be around when the owners return, as we are going away for a few days break, but hopefully they will like it. We were given a free hand and budget, and they have no idea what the results will be.

Last Sunday we were shattered, both mentally and physically, and so headed over to Studland for a day on the beach. The sleep and swimming were just what the doctor ordered, and all rounded off with a pint at the Square and Compass.

 That evening, as it was a little cooler, we headed down to the allotment to do a little watering and work. Things are going well down there. The ground dries out incredibly quickly in this heat, and water has to be carried in a watering can from the standpipe a couple of hundred yards away. ten or fifteen trips with the water should keep you fit, but it's a relief when that particular part is done.
Gardening at work is full on physical toil, with time constraints making things even more difficult, and so it's nice to be able to slow the pace in our own garden. We retreat here in the evenings, and gently plod, prune, snip, tie and tend. The time goes by far too quickly, and we end up settling down to dinner at around nine o' clock.

Just two more days to go and I can leave the tricky people to themselves.
Bye for now!


  1. Have a good holiday and thanks for the laugh.

  2. i dont deal with heat very well
    strimmed an acre field yesterday and am paying for it today
    i am an old fart

  3. Working in the heat is awful! It makes me grumpy and sometimes feel ill. I don't know how you and others do your work all day long. I try to get out early and quit by 11. Of course, this is my own personal property, not my means of making a living.

    Hope your clients like the work you have done and I hope you have a nice holiday.


  4. The heat just makes people cranky.
    Not good about the mirror but I would guess she was way too close to the edge of the road. I can't believe she didn't see you and give you more space. Yikes! Do you wear some bright colors when you're next to a roadway??
    The brick paths and stone gardens look GREAT!
    So nice to be close to a beach to unwind.
    I don't know when you changed your header photo but I like it!
    Hang in there.
    Hot here too.

  5. HAHA! Heat totally makes people grouchy! Hope you enjoyed some time to wind down!! Love the new property!!