Monday, 30 September 2013

Cupboards, Contemplation and The Compass

We started off the weekend by waking early on Saturday morning to a windy and wet day. Normally it would just be a case of ignoring it and pulling the duvet over our heads for another couple of hours, but we had promised a lady that we would tidy her garden, and tidy it we would. She is going through an incredibly tough time at the moment, but still manages to give a smile and talk freely about it to us. It was a long drive to Barton-on-Sea, and the garden is on the cliff top, and so the effects of the wind and rain were enhanced somewhat. She hadn't expected to see us because of the weather, but at the end of the day, it's only rain, and no matter how wet we got, a hot shower and dry clothes will happen at some point. She kept us supplied with tea and biscuits, and even put up the garden parasol to afford us some protection when we drank. The job went smoothly, and a few hours later we were heading back home for that shower.
We have decided to do something about our kitchen, something radical. When we moved here back in 1997, the whole house needed an overhaul, and the kitchen was gutted and fitted with a typical set of cupbards along the floor and walls. They have had to endure a lot over the years, with our use, the mother-in-law, the daughters, a lodger, and several homeless guys who we have taken in during previous years. To have a new kitchen fitted would cost in the region of £9000, and so we are heading back to the time of our own parents and grandparents, and buying furniture. It's something we have wanted to do for years, but always shied away from such a radical approach. We plan to do things a bit at a time, and so on Saturday afternoon headed to Molly's Den to kickstart things.
We found four rather nice and unusual dressers, the green one below was the first. I will show the others once they get delivered on Tuesday. All very different and querky in some way.

What with the gardening in the morning, and Molly's in the afternoon, we were pretty tired out, and slept well that night. An early start on Sunday was what we wanted, as we were heading over to Studland Beach, but we were so tired, and actually slept in until gone eight, and didn't leave the house until 11am. As I have mentioned previously, the beaches at Studland and Shell Bay periodically get a huge build up of seaweed. Despite the smell to holidaymakers, this must not be cleared, as it becomes part of what stops the whole area washing away into the sea. Sand eventually mixes with it, and forms a strong protective beach, othwise the sea would just sweep through the sand dunes to Poole Harbour, very fragile environment. The National Trust were forced to clear it by the local authority one year, and the results were pretty catastrophic, and the sea was hitting the dunes and the beach disappeared. They never did it again, and now leave it in the expert hands of the National Trust.

It was lovely walking along and talking. There were dogs everywhere, and these three were like three excited kids, running in and out of the sea, and jumping up at each other.

Beauty can be found in the least likely of places.

And we sat and talked and looked.

Although there are several different things on our minds at the moment, they are now at least on the back burner so to speak.

 We spent a few hours on the beach, and then headed back to the beach cafe for a coffee, before heading to the Square and Compass pub at Worth Matravers. There were some musicians from Kentucky playing music and singing there, the Troubadours of Divine Bliss, quite an unexpected treat! We settled in for a couple of hours, among friends and dogs and good beer.
We head off to St.Davids for a weeks holiday at the end of the week. a lot of work to get through before then.


  1. I love the green dresser and look forward to seeing the others and what you do with them in your kitchen.

    I have one in my kitchen that my dear husband found 'curbside'. Actually he found three, not at the same time, but in the same neighborhood where they were tearing down homes that were under the airport's main flight path heading east. Anyway, there are two out in the workshop, one which looks just like the one I have in the kitchen, only they are different colors.

    You are going to have a one-of-a-kind kitchen, those are the best kind, have fun.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      We hope it turns out like the image we have in our heads. I am not looking forward to sorting all of the wiring and plumbing out though.

  2. Can't wait to see all the cabinets you're putting together for the kitchen redo.
    You certainly got a lot in this past weekend.

    1. Good morning Sherlock,
      Mollys Den is a deadly place. There were dozens and dozens to choose from. Ours arrive in a minute, now where to put them in the meantime....hmmmm....

  3. It looks an excellent way of furnishing a kitchen. Have a good holiday.

    1. Hi Adrian,
      It's oddly quite difficult mentally to break from the norm of the fitted kitchen. We thoight 'stuff it', if we ever sell, we can stick a cheap one in. Don't know why we haven't done it before. Hope you get good weather in Wales. We are off to Pembrokshire in a couple of days.

  4. Super dresser ! When we lived in Spain we picked up furniture at flea markets & were given some lovely bits when an elderly villager died. I love your idea with the dressers.
    I didn't know that about the seaweed at Studland. Used to take the kids there when they were little.
    Very kind of you to go to garden for that lady & glad you were rewarded by a good pub visit !

  5. Hi there BP,
    Amanda has just texted me to say they have arrived, and it's like living in a warehouse at the moment. Lots to do before we can enjoy them.