Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Years Tick By

Autumn is definitely here, because there are morning mists and brown leaves falling. Among other things, it's a good time to collect bits and pieces to make the house a little seasonal. We collected these conkers when they were still closed and green some weeks ago. Now they are dried and showing off their beautiful and lustrous fruits. A little chain of hops, found while collecting blackberries a few days ago, and some oak apples add a bit more for interest. Nature is such a provider.
Amanda now has to continue studying for her Advanced Diploma in Councelling and Psychotherapy, and this has meant that for the winter at least, I must continue with the business on my own. Her studying is intense, and demands a lot of her and her time, and so we do whatever must be done.
I miss her a lot already. Gardening is by nature a solitary job, but we work together so well. People used to question whether we got on each others nerves a lot, what with spending all day, every day in each others pockets. All I can say is that for whatever reason, every minute of every day holds something new with her. But now I must take on the gardens without her company, and enjoy cups of tea on my own while looking out upon Shell Bay.
 The Sandbanks peninsula is home to some of the most exclusive properties in the UK, and after my cup of tea I head to the property that we look after, just near the Haven Ferry.
The residents are very private people, and so no pictures of the gardens I am afraid, just the hedge perimeter this time.

I woke up yesterday feeling pretty rough and fed up. A stomach bug has taken hold, and Amanda told me that I wasn't looking my best. I think she may have been right. I felt old and tired.

I really didn't want to go to work, as my energy levels had plumetted, you know the feeling, but I gritted my teeth and persevered. It was to be a long drive, about an hour, to start the day at our most distant garden. Two hours later, and only two miles out, I was still stuck in a traffic jam. There had been a bad car crash way on ahead, and traffic was gridlocked throughout the whole area, and it was the morning rush hour to boot! As car by car gave up, and managed to turn in the road, I decided that this was an omen for me to call it a day, as I felt rough, and there was no way I could now get through the days work, and so did the same and headed home. There is always paperwork to do....always!

I think Hobie was feeling the same, but without the paperwork to do.

We watched a programme on the television last night, Fabulous Fashionistas, a documentary about six extraordinary women who haven't let old age get the better of them. They really are quite something. It's made me want to wear a red hat to work.
Today is Wednesday, and a new day. I feel a little better, if not a little younger, and so shall head out for the days work in a minute. Another cup of tea first has to be the order of the day methinks.
But before I go, let's all say a prayer for the UN General Assembly. Whether we agree or disagree with all or part of what Hassan Rouhani was saying, there appeared to be a new willingness to engage with the west. Maybe, if we can all accept each other, and the cultures and faiths that come with that, then is it possible that extremism will eventually lose it's grip in the world?
Late tomatoes still ripening in the garden



  1. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling good, it showed in your eyes in that photo of you.

    I know you are missing Amanda, being part of a team that works well together is wonderful, and to have part of the team missing is hard to take. You both will survive and pretty soon will be working together again. I wish her well with her studies.

    Hope you are feeling much better today and that your gardening work goes along smoothly.


    1. Hi Lorraine,
      Thanks for your kind comments. It's Saturday afternoon now, and I am feeling much better thanks. Amanda helped me in the wind and rain this morning to tidy up a customers garden, and so that was easier too.

  2. Your " bad" face is my good one....
    I am envious of your working relationship with the missus
    I would have killed chris years ago if we worked together

    1. John, you are too kind. I can't believe you too couldn't work together either. You both seem to have most things pretty sewn up.

  3. Sorry you are feeling ill. Feel equally sorry for whoever was involved in the car crash that gave you time to realize you should go home. Take care of yourself.
    Totally understand wanting to have your partner there to work together. Hubby and I are a team and always feel extra good when we accomplish something together.
    Yea on the tomatoes.
    Take care!

    1. Hello Sherlock,
      It was a really bad crash, and still not sure if everyone made it. I do hope so though. The tomatoes have been really good. Only six plants of mixed varieties, but still picking them every day.

  4. If that is you looking rough then I'm envious. I daren't look in mirrors.

    1. Adrian, all that fresh air you get every day, you must have skin like a babies bum.

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  6. Hello, I've hopped over from the lovely John Grey's Blog.

    I live just along the coast from you but have never found Hops growing. Out blackberrying again in a minute & going to have another look !
    Hope you are feeling brighter. I work with husband sometimes but on boats - he avoids gardening at all costs ! It's Sunday & he's disappeared to his boat - again !

    1. Hello Badpenny,
      I feel wrong calling you that, I I am sure that you are not. Thank you for taking the time to drop by, lovely to see you. I shall return the favour in the next day or two. Johns blog is lovely isn't it? Where in Hampshire are you?

    2. Ah well a Bad Penny always turns up... it seemed like a good Blog identity !
      we live in lovely Milford on Sea and are very lucky to.
      Had to go to Boscombe a lot a few months ago with my daughter. We really enjoyed the walk along the front into Bournemouth.

      No hops found : (