Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Weakness

It's no secret amongst family that both myself and Amanda are Moby fans. In fact, when we first moved into this house, the whole place was decorated and refurbished to a continual loop of his album 'Play'. His music can invoke some intense emotions, and if I am feeling a little prickly of a morning, then 'Extreme Ways' can be heard booming from the van as I drive to work.
One piece of his, 'My Weakness', conjures up completely different emotions in myself and Amanda. When I listened to it the first few times, I quite literally sobbed. To me it speaks of heart rending grief, of loss and emptiness. To Amanda it speaks of a happiness such as mentally reaching that sun on the hilltop, open arms and feeling blessed with where one is in life at a particularly good moment, such as finally overcoming some serious difficulty in life.
Play it with the volume up, and let the sound go through you. What does it say to you I wonder?


  1. I bet you are popular first thing in a morning.

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  3. Adrian, luckily I am driving through other neighbourhoods by then.