Thursday, 12 September 2013

Time to Reflect

There are personal issues weighing heavily at the moment. It was a good time to stay with Pete and Pam. Having recently left their previous lives and home back at Ogmore-by-Sea, and Pete ending his time as pastor at the local church, they have now bravely taken up residence in Looe, a Cornish fishing town. Along with that, a completely new career change, as they now live above and run The Rusty Bucket
It's a Christian cafe, and all profit is ploughed back into the community of Looe. The views from the apartment are typically cornish and quite special.
  The netting is to keep the seagulls off for obvious reasons.

And a morning coffee on the terrace has some lovely views as well.

We were there mainly to pick up Amandas mum Celia, but the overnight stay, although knowhere near long enough, was as usual a time for some interesting discussions with Pete. That evening we went  to Larssons Coffee House around the corner.

Martin the owner made us feel very welcome, and shared some hilarious tales of his life with us. And in the meantime Tom was in the kitchen rustling up some delicious crepes to accompany our coffees, or in Amandas case, a rather splendid hot chocolate made with real chocolate that could be spooned out before stirring if desired. Although very small, Larssons has a menu with more varieties of sweet treats than I have ever seen before. The cafe itself is lovely and cosy, with interesting things to look at on every wall. We had a great time there, full of good conversation and laughs.
There was indeed lots to think about.
On the morning we were due to leave, I walked with Amanda along the seafront, and with hot coffees sat silently, sipped, and marvelled at the sky unfolding before us.



  1. Hope things get sorted
    Life's a fickle journey is it not?

  2. Hi Gary ~ I hope things smooth out for you. It seems to me that the weekend with your friends would have helped. It looks like you had a great time with them.

    May you and Amanda have a very nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. I like how you work it all out:) Coffee, walks......I think that is perfection:)

  4. Gary,
    Hope this brief, and what looks to a most wondrous, respite has help to soften the issues for with you have mentioned. It all looked to be marvelous. – gary