Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Company Of Archers

I was lucky enough to be treated to a Fathers Day surprise. Although it had to be a little late, due to everyones own timetables, we managed to get all of the family together for what turned out to be a really exciting day of archery.
Rebecca had arranged for us all to take part, while Dom took photos and kept an eye on Joshua and Ella. I did quite a bit of archery at school, a scary forty years ago, but so got back into the swing of things fairly quickly.
We all started out with the training bows to 'warm up' and get started, before moving on to the bigger, and more powerful bows.
It felt really good to have bow in hand once more, and although arrows were going all over the place at first, we did all start to hit the targets regularly.

'Tis a noble sport.

At one point, the instructor stood some cans on top of a target, and much to our frustration only Claire managed to hit any of them.....four times!

It must have been very boring for Joshua and Ella, but they behaved themselves perfectly.
A competition was laid on, and although I am certain that Matt dropped an arrow off target on purpose, I won, and treated all to the victory dance from 'A Good Year'.

It was a very hot day indeed, and so afterwards we all headed over to the Square and Compass for a cold one. We nestled down amongst the rocks and slabs, and then the daughters surprised me yet again with cards and presents. A 'Head Gardener' mug, and food treats such as home made Turkish Delight, rye bread, olives and chocolate.
All in all, a very special day indeed.
So far this week, work has been hot and steady, and thankfully dry. It's Friday morning now, and we have showers forecast, and so I expect things will start to grow we go!


  1. Gary,

    Knowing your love of the ancient woods, seeing you with bow in hand I could not think of Robin Hood and by all means you looked to be in the company of a band of merry men with fair maidens at hand for good measure. It all looks to have been an absolutely grand time. – gary

    1. Hello Gary,
      I think that if I were in charge of hunting for food, then we would all starve. They were indeed fair maidens, although me as Robin Hood, well, green tights may clash with the sunglasses lol.

  2. What a GREAT time you all had. I love the photo of your two daughters together, ready to shoot.

    It is hot and humid here but very dark with rain clouds to the southwest and heading this way. I do hope we get some rain as we've not had any in about a week now.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Good morning Lorraine,
      We did indeed have a rather mad and fun time. I do hope that you get some rain, as I bet the heat can be pretty oppressive.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Doc,
      It was, and only wish it could have gone on longer.

  4. Not a sport I have tried although my father in law is quite good at it. He sets up the practice targets at various youth shoots and 4-H competitions in our area. Looks like you all had fun!

    1. Hi there Sherlock,
      Although I hate the idea of those 'survivalists' out there, killing things with bows randomly, target shooting really is fantastic fun, you must try it sometime.

  5. What a wonderful day you must all have had!

    1. Good afternoon Alain,
      It really was a lovely day. Lot's of laughs!