Friday, 22 January 2016

Monday 18th January

By some kind of miracle I am back home again. On Monday, Amanda had gone to work again, another very heavy day of working in the rain. The weekend had been a really tough one, as I seemed to be getting worse, and so by the time she walked through the door, tired and soaking wet from the day. she was met by a rather pitiful and desperate me, gasping and panicking, and saying we needed the doctors......NOW! I could tell that I didn't need to say anything, as she, as usual had already decided that regardless of what I planned.

Again we went straight to the head of the queue, and a different doctor diagnosed a possible blood clot, and off we went straight to A and E. It was a long night/morning of tests, and after a CT scan the result was indeed that a very large clot has travelled from my leg, and divided into two, sticking
 in both pulmonary arteries. I can't pretend that I wasn't terrified. My first night in hospital was scary, lonely and sleepless. I spent some of it praying, but just lately it seems that I only speak to the man upstairs when I need help.

I came home yesterday, having been looked after amazingly by the hospital staff. Apart from all of the practical care one receives in the acute illness assessment ward, which is faultless, the main thing is that they make a person who is quite frankly terrified, feel safe. 

It's going to be a very long recovery. The clots have settled enough to at least allow me to do basic things around the house without feeling like the end is near. A lifetime of anticoagulants now, but no complaints there as far as I am concerned. I feel a little less like a ticking time bomb now.... a little.

 After five days of being wired to an ECG, oxygen and pulse monitor, tubes up my nose to oxygenate, a cannula so that they can take or administer stuff (like the contrast chemical that makes your mouth and genitals hot), the readings reached an acceptable level. The clots have settled enough to allow me to walk a little, wash, shave and dress without the reading dropping.The ultrasound showed that although strained, the old ticker was not permanently damaged. I could leave when my meds arrived.

It's good now, very good indeed to be in our home, with my wonderful wife. I can't believe that it's only a week ago that all this started, it feels like months. Around my birthday just before this happened I had pumped the motorcycle tyres up ready to get it to the garage. A trip to the local 'cool dude' shop for some roller blades for my birthday was on the cards. All those thing's aren't cancelled, just put on hold, as is the plan behind this card that my wonderful wife gave me for my birthday, and which she refuses to take down until it's statement has been fulfilled.

It's going to be a long and slow recovery, but with the amazing support of family and friends that has just simply poured out unquestioned, we might just come out the other side. The business is a major issue to juggle, but short term, Amanda has come up with a plan, and between us, and with the help of family we may just survive to live another day for the next few months.


  1. Oh dear Gary ~ What a scary ordeal you went through, and I'm sure you still have moments of anxiety.

    I am thankful for your dear and lovely Amanda for caring for you and taking care of your business.

    You both are in my thoughts and prayers for strength and healing, for joy and peace.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh, Gary. I was so hoping the past few days had found you on the mend, and instead--this. You guys will continue to be in my prayers.

  3. Glad to see you have been lucky but you know that
    Take care of yourself

  4. It is good you are back home with your wonderful wife, i wish you and your wife many many good days of good health.

  5. You have surpassed a lot of hurdles. It is good that the doctors know so much more about how to counteract to the clotting problem. We just got a call from our neighbor in the hospital who ended up there late last night. She is in better hands there than being home alone and not breathing. Stay strong and keep up the good attitude.

  6. Keep on keeping on. There is much to do and many to bless, we need you so thank God for medics and medication. It is always in time of need that God is most important to us but He does not mind we are His children and you know what children can be like!
    We pray constantly for you.

  7. Take one day at a time. Angels are people who help you to fly when your wings won't go and they're usually called 'Amanda.'
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a brilliant party.

  8. I am glad you seem to have had very good treatments. You have gone through quite a lot.
    My very best wishes for a faster than expected recovery.

  9. scary stuff!

    you have my prayers

  10. So sorry to read that you have been through such a frightening experience. Thank goodness for our NHS and for Amanda getting you so promptly to hospital. What a star she is! I hope that everything goes well for you both from now on.

  11. These are pretty scary times for you. I'm glad you had first class treatment and that you are in safe mode. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  12. I am so glad you are feeling well enough to post. What an ordeal. Those clots are scary things. I know some people who've had that happen and are back to being very active. On the thinners, but doing well. Extra blessings for Amanda. She was likely more scared than you. Take care. Hugs from across the sea!!!

  13. What a shock. Anyway it sounds manageable and modern medicine is wonderful. Time is always the best healer, and I quite expect you'll be bouncing back very soon. Very best wishes, Cro.

  14. Wow, such a scary start to the New year. The most romantic couple in the world is still working together :)to conquer this.My son in law at age 27 had a blood clot in his leg, and he also has to be cautious from now on.More prayers,take one day at a time as that is all God ever promises to give us strength for.Let us know what the doc says contributed to this, I know yu said you had radically changed your diet years back and that was going to help.Hug across the ocean for you two~