Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I've got a bit of time on my hand's at the moment. We have managed to go to work as a couple for the last two or three days, but I can only manage half a day of light pruning and stuff. 

I get bored easily, and so decided to do something about this piece of wood that's been on the kitchen floor for the last three weeks. Between the chest infection and my latest unfortunate incident, we went for a walk through the RSPB reserve at Arne, and with about a mile to go on our return walk I came upon a rather interesting lump of timber. Obviously sawn a couple of years previously, and just left to rot, it has decayed in such a way as to leave some fantastic shapes. Looking at the grain of the wood and branch stubs etc, I think it may have been a Douglas Fir sapling. 

Whatever it was, I had to have it, and so hoisted it onto my shoulder and lugged it all the way back to the van. Sometimes you've just got to do it. It's now undergoing a few coats of clear wood oil, and what we do with it when finished is still up for speculation. A stainless steel tripod stand to hold it upright seems to be a certainty, but after that what......hat stand, mirrored church candle holder, a back lit 'mood object', or simply a stand alone piece of art. 

Any suggestions?


  1. Whatever you do with it will be perfect. Unfortunately, every time I try to upcycle anything I end up with a dogs breakfast that looks like it was attacked by a pre-schooler.

  2. Haha.....I have had a few of those myself Kylie.

  3. What a beautiful piece of wood. DH and I always loved pieces like that. They are works of art all by themselves.

    Feel better ~ FlowerLady

    1. Unfortunately I have stuff like this all over the place. I just can't resist it.

  4. A bench for unwelcome visitors?

  5. I think it's a perfect hat stand

  6. I vote for a stand alone piece. It's large enough to fill it's own space.

  7. What an interesting piece.
    Glad you are feeling better!!

  8. My mom has a thing for driftwood "with character." She always has my dad on the look-out for it when he's out fishing. She'd love this.

    'Hope the first week of February's been kind to you, Gary.