Thursday, 11 February 2016

Miniscule Millefiori

As far as we are concerned, January didn't exist. My health problem's were one thing, but having just about found enough 'oomph' in myself to get back to work for a couple of hours a day, the pikeys were back in town. They raided most of the local contractor gardeners, along with the shop's that keep us supplied. Our own supplier had cctv of a couple of guys running up the side of their shop using tree surgeons leg spikes, whereupon they removed roof tiles and felt, smashed the showroom ceiling and cleared out his chainsaw stock. His other shop nearby was also similarly hit. Our own van was broken into, and all of our power machinery taken, over £3500 worth. Needless to say our spirit's were, by now, pretty low. Altogether it would appear that they have taken around £200,000 worth of tools from us all.

Chad, who owns the two shops we use, was still counting his losses (yet again), when a very pissed off me entered, and explained what had happened. He is an extraordinarily kind guy, and after saying that he doesn't like to make profit out of those that have been hit by such low life, proceeded to get his team gathering a completely new set of replacement gear for us, and all at cost price. He made no profit whatsoever, and I cannot say how this gesture helped to lift our spirits.

Among other expletives, Amanda had mentioned on Facebook that because of me not being well, and both of us mentally pre-occupied, we had forgotten to celebrate Burns Night. About a week ago there was a knock on our front door during the evening, and a friend we hadn't seen for about seven years turned up with a bag containing a haggis, two swedes and a bottle of rather good malt, along with a pack of caramel wafers 'for any emergency' as she put it. We were really moved by this second unexpected gesture, and our faith in humankind began to recover.

Customers have been very understanding, and as a result of this, and lot's of help from family, we might even make it through February at work as well. I can still only manage to do about four hours at the most, at which point exhaustion takes over and I need to nap, but recovery is progressing.

My only job today was a small amount of turfing. Chafer larvae had taken up residence under the old grass, and magpie and crows had obliterated thing's in their search for the tasty morsels.

By way of a celebration, I decided to splash out on myself a little, and did the very manly thing of buying an old venetian millefiori paperweight. I know, Glass goblets are my thing, but I couldn't resist this one. A particularly fine example, and incredibly complex for a paperweight that's only about three centimetres in diameter. 

It's really rather special, to me anyway. The design being more complex than most I have seen.

Here's how they make them

Bye for now.


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you were ripped off again, and others were too. That is so AWFUL!

    What kindnesses you had shown to you though and that is really touching.

    I pray you will continue to feel better with each new day and that you will have no more thievery.

    That paperweight is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the video on how they are made. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you two ~ FlowerLady

    1. People around us have kept our spirits up Lorraine, and we feel blessed to have them.

  2. I'm sorry that you have been robbed. the physical loss is bad enough but the experience really shakes you up.

    1. It happens almost every year Red, and there doesn't appear to be any measures we or the police can take to stop them. I am opting for cctv at home and a baseball bat.

  3. Oh how I hate people who STEAL.

    I'm not a collector of paperweights, but I remember when I was dealing in antiques (way back), that early Baccarat examples were highly sought after. Beautiful things they were too.

  4. They really don't care how hard it is to work enough to pay for the stuff Cro. Amanda has a Baccarat paperweight, and it's quite lovely.

  5. Despicable! That's all I can say.
    How discouraging.
    Thankful for the goodness of friends and hoping your health and general state of affairs swings in a positive direction.
    I'm waiting for a leg injury to heal and warmer weather before I venture into yard work, so don't bother coming to look for me on my garden blog :)

  6. That is awful. Thieves cause so much trouble beyond the value of the items they steal. Relatives of mine had a break in recently and the mess of the house being ransacked was really worse than the cost of replacing what was taken. So glad there are good people in your world to help lift the spirits.
    That paperweight is gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing.