Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Head Space

We recently headed back to St. Davids, a place where it's possible to feel pleasantly shut off from the world. Work this year has been heavy and intense, and now, with the autumn and all of it's challenges upon us, we left Bex to keep the business ticking over for a week while we rested up a while.

It was just after the kids went back to school after the summer holidays, and so the entire place was nicely deserted. A favourite time of year for us, not just because of the peace and quiet, but also because the seals are having their pups in the harsh but relatively safe coves.

We camp on occasion, and managed with great difficulty this time to get the tent set up during severe winds. We had chosen a week that was seeing the tail end of some hurricane or another.

The sense of joy and calm every time I get to Whitesands Bay and the surrounding area is quite overwhelming. The night had brought with it howling winds and rough seas, and the following morning saw numerous Portugese Man o' War jellyfish washed up, along with an unfortunate seal pup.

We walked, and talked, and most often just went along in our own thoughtful silence. The complications of life were left far behind.

After a second night of no sleep, due to the noise of the tent in the storms, we decided that if this trip was going to benefit us physically and mentally, then we must pack up the tent, and find somewhere solid to stay. A cosy B&B in the heart of St.Davids became our safe haven for the remaining days, and we enjoyed some basic comforts such as Martinis in the evening, and a cooked breakfast in the morning.

One of my manly pursuits is pressing flowers, and when we occasionally stopped, I would empty my pockets of things collected on the walk, and place them safely in the press. 

Amanda is the photographer, a it's nice to watch her roam about, taking pictures of various things that catch her eye. I can spend a long time just watching her,

In my youth I would skim board with my mates, and I had made my own for this trip. It skimmed across the water beautifully, but needs a slight modification to be perfect. I was nicely surprised to not come flying off it as expected!

We always spend most of our time at the bay, walking, reading, and drinking endless tea.

The sunsets are stunning, and we never leave the bay until the sun has completely set'

The week went far too quickly, and autumn is now in it's full glory at work.


  1. So good to see this 'relaxing' post from you. Glad you and Amanda had this lovely time away from work. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place to unwind.

    Happy Autumn to the both of you ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I have written about 'walking' today; it might be interesting for you to compare! Your way is my way.