Thursday 16 November 2023

Where Did That One Go?

 Where did 2024 go? It seems to have flown by. For us, Four Seasons has flourished, with lot's of new and exciting projects coming forward. We are actually being sought after across the board. Very exciting!

Both me and Amanda should be comfortably retired now, sipping cocktails with umbrellas and chunks of pineapple and cherries in them by the poolside. But although that would be very nice, we love a challenge, and aren't ready to clean the uPVC windows and mow the lawn on a Sunday just yet.

We've taken on about ten more projects, some good, some...hummm....ok, but all moving in the right direction. Two days ago we revisited a garden that we originally landscaped, and has gone through multiple owners who rented, and therefore didn't want/couldn't afford a gardener to maintain. This is a VERY high end property, in the most expensive property area on the south coast, and the garden is on multiple levels. It is really quite stunning when properly maintained. We start on Friday, as the new owners want to be there for quite some time, and actually recognise the value of a garden space.

The gardens now have white marble flooring throughout, a sunken swimming pool on a huge raised area reaching out into the woodland, a sauna in the garden, and the once neglected lower slopes of Rhododendron ponticum have been opened up a little to create a maze of adventure for the kids.

The house is stunning, and we are looking forward to once again caring for the gardens. It's funny how life goes around and comes around eh?

Other projects include high end apartment blocks. Neglected by previous garden companies, and now brought up to speed by our team. Very, very exciting. The latest abandoned at the last minute without notice, and having been left with the grass fed very heavily for the next No problem. This is a huge place, and all of us are looking forward to the new year when we can actually do more than clear months of leaves and rubbish that have built up. None of it helped by this windy and wet wet weather that appears to have taken over.

In the meantime, yep, trying to get some time out. Went to Salisbury for the weekend to see the church lit up inside and out, and our first visit to Old Sarum. A good weekend.

AND Abbotsbury.....and......and.......

and pumpkin soup!


  1. I love the photo of the church all lit up!

    1. Hi Kylie
      It was a moving display celebrating the renaissance. Classical music boomed out as well. The inside of the cathedral was even more impressive. We love Salisbury.

  2. Brilliantly expressed! Your post is a standout, offering insightful perspectives. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  3. That second picture is just bliss, Gary. 'Good to see you're still posting here . It IS funny to see that things circle around the way they do. That has to be satisfying. :) Happy holidays to you, Amanda, and everyone in your family. ♥

  4. Val, lovely to hear from you. We are very lucky, and try not to forget it in the midst of business mayhem. Things do circle. It's life, and we hand on the baton to others in all sorts of ways. Have a wonderful Christmas

  5. Thangs charge and the paths we follow are never the ones we think we’d be on