Monday 4 December 2023


It was during a recent trip around the wholesale nurseries that we wanted breakfast. It's no secret in the family that I'm a bit OCD when it comes to breakfast out. A full English with black pudding AND fried bread is a must to be included. No pine tables and chairs. Basically, the more 'old world' the establishment the better. Also, not tea, but Coca Cola.....WITH NO ICE!

On our travels we popped into a retail nursery, which although never offer plants in the quantities we need, do very often have a cafe attached. This one was at Parley, just down from our destination Plants For Trade.

We browsed the retail section to see what was being promoted now.


At a cost of several thousand pounds!

A garden must. Please do add one to your garden. We need more plastic in the world.

Don't get me wrong. I love and promote the use of new and innovative garden features, But plastic sheep, and now full size plastic camels?? In Astro Turf??

Hang on while I breathe, take a sip of tea, and practise the techniques I have been advised on to focus.

Back again, feeling more zen like. A new quote this morning at 9am. It's a biggie. Not confident, because, as usual in this area, they have had the same one guy for 40 years. Their budget will almost certainly be a quarter of the current rate, Still, never say never.

Therapist at 2pm.



  1. I'm no fan of astro turf but the camels are kind of interesting! It's the quick way to get a topiary look, isn't it?
    I can hardly believe that you have Coke with a full breakfast! Coffee and/ or orange juice for me :)

  2. Hi Kylie
    They were oddly rather tactile. Sorry about the Coke, What can I say? Bad drink with cholesterol breakfast......perfect.

  3. I can still remember the first time I ate black pudding. I was in a 'greasy spoon' in Shropshire, and had no idea what it was. I had to ask the waitress. I now eat it almost every week.