Saturday 8 June 2024

Time to Tidy

It's been a week of complicated logistics.

Firstly, our second of the works vans had a head gasket blow, resulting in it being off the road for the last week and most of next.

Normally, in a situation such as this, the remaining work van, a modern and up to date Ford Transit is still used by Bex and Matt, while I hitch the large trailer to the camper van. Something that neither myself nor Amanda like to do. However, the camper van went in for it's MOT, and failed miserably. Front suspension faults, complicated electrical issues to resolve warning lights, glow plug replacement, and on and on. So, that is now off the road as well for next week. Luckily the garage dealing with the head gasket has lent us a courtesy van, a tiny Peugeot Biffo.

We are all knackered. May and June are exhausting months, and as a result our own garden has been neglected badly. Last weekend the ladders came out, and I tackled the Parthenocissus trifoliata and Hydrangea petiolaris, both of which had grown over the roof up to the apex. I was fortunate enough to spy a nesting pigeon to the front right of the house, and so have left it happily sitting on her eggs. All is still looking good with her a week later.

Apart from planting a few tomatoes and jet washing the patio, the back garden has been left entirely, and is now overgrown and full of weeds. It's normally our 'go to' meditative space, and will be again once we've dealt with the bulk of the work. 

It's important to only do as much as one wants to in this regard, as mindful peace is very important when gardening on any level. I've done a little weeding this afternoon, and put back together our copper leaved leaf fountain sculpture at the end.

A long way to go, but slowly does it.


  1. I thought I commented here but maybe it's gone to spam or maybe I didn't click publish. Anyway, if you have two comments it's because I'm vague :)
    It always feels great to have the garden tidy and have that sense of order and satisfaction. I hope you really enjoy it.
    Things grow like crazy in the summer and the maintenance is never ending but the warmth and long days must make up for it?

    1. Haha.....I'm sure a lot of my messages never get sent. Old age setting in for me for certain. Going to have another bash at the garden tomorrow afternoon.